IoT Service Hub in Taiwan Accelerates Further


The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan, an organization supporting the development of the nation's information industry, announced it is expanding its IoT manufacturing base services to foreign inventors.

The IoT Service Hub in Taiwan has supported more than 400 IoT smart manufacturing innovations, of which 100 have been brought to market, since its founding in 2018. Taiwan's tech talents, enterprises and industry-leading technologies are brought together by the hub to help foreign manufacturers and inventors bring their IoT product to market in a faster and more cost-effective way.

The IoT Service Hub provides three key services.

First, the hub will help AIoT product developers lower their technical and technological thresholds to speed up the prototype development and mass production process. It will make Taiwan IC-based development toolkit of various transmission applications and offer assistance such as coordinating files for PCB, BOM, Gerber file and SMT proofing to lower the technological threshold and accelerate production.

Next, the hub will connect more than 200 cross-industry corporate partners and experts, including system integrators, mass production and designers across Taiwan's manufacturing industry chain. It is also organizing an international manufacturing service with numerous companies expected to start assisting international mass production of prototypes in 2022.

Third, the hub product managers are on hand to facilitate each production phase for a project. Individual case managers provide in-depth management for each potential case and arrange key resource services that include case consultation and resource introduction.

The hub has spurred digital transformation in key industries today, and it will continue to offer assistance when it comes to software and hardware, cloud platform, product design, marketing and data application.

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