Kajeet Discusses Secure Connectivity at IoT Evolution Expo 2022


Among the most prominent innovations in our society, the Internet of Things (IoT) has typified the digital age, providing connectivity for a myriad of devices, and expediting the transformation of various industries as they utilize IoT within their operations to greatly enhance efficiency, reliability, and growth. 

The increasing precedence of IoT is not looking to slow down with Forbes speculating that the number of cellular IoT connections will reach 3.5 billion in 2023, benefiting industries from manufacturing to education, large-scale businesses, healthcare, and more. Some use cases for these sectors include:

  • Wireless industrial IoT sensors can operate without a pre-existing infrastructure, allowing technology such as machine health monitoring to be easily implemented.
  • IoT asset tracking and fleet management solutions use cellular connections to monitor on-the-move vehicles with on-demand pinpoint accuracy, allowing for route optimization, heightened safety, and highlights when maintenance is required, reducing costs.
  • Autonomous machinery within factories can effectively operate as seamless connectivity allows for critical information to be quickly and accurately transferred and acted upon.
  • Healthcare can benefit from an array of scanners and sensors made to reduce the risk of disease spread within hospitals and improve hygiene and sanitization.

Delivering safe, reliable, and controlled internet connectivity through their highly optimized IoT connectivity, software, and hardware products is Virginia-based Kajeet. Present at the IoT Evolution Expo as Gold sponsors, Kajeet had two speakers cover important topics for those focused on enabling intelligent IoT cellular connectivity and devices for their customers

“IoT Evolution and ITEXPO brought together a compelling mix of vendors enabling the Internet of Things,” said Kajeet’s Director of Strategy and Business Development Dominic Marcellino. “We were able to meet with existing partners, as well as connect with potential new vendors on the show floor.”

The #TECHSUPERSHOW events in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, collectively analyzed and addressed a multitude of questions considering growth through digital transformation, new business models, and ROI. Focusing on solutions that drive measurable results, the event provided the insight required for innovators and organizations to pervade markets, reach profit margins, and exceed previously set market growth goals.

Speaking at the event was Kajeet Chief Technology Officer, Greg Jones. His session, titled ‘How Intelligent Are Your IoT Connections?’ covered how to properly utilize the valuable data obtained from IoT connections to optimize business operations, ensuring reliability and security, providing comprehensive support and services, and impact revenue.

“From robust data connectivity to comprehensive support and services, ensuring reliability and security at every level of your tech stack is essential,” said Jones. “Fortunately, with the right considerations and partners, it’s now easier than ever. Kajeet is proud to partner with organizations across many industry segments, including healthcare, transportation, and education, to power intelligent and informed business decisions. And the future isn’t just secure connections, but intelligent connections. With the Kajeet Sentinel Insights analytics platform, our customers have the tools to surface new insights, reduce costs, and improve performance for themselves and their customers.”

Kajeet’s Director of Strategy and Business Development Dominic Marcellino also spoke during the event, participating in a panel titled ‘The Patient, the Doctor, and the Bill.’ The panel explored the deployment of IoT in healthcare, enabling remote patient care, and improving the distribution and transportation of patients.

”Two of the biggest challenges in adoption of IoT in healthcare are security and trust. Patients and caregivers need to know that the data are secure and that they can trust that the devices and applications will work when they are needed,” said Marcellino. “Kajeet’s solutions enable our healthcare customers to deliver secure and trusted connectivity and services to caregivers and patients in RPM, telehealth, and beyond.”

The integration of IoT technology looks likely to continue as reliable and secure cellular connectivity proves fundamental to innovative devices that constantly enter and disrupt the market.

Edited by Erik Linask
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