Globalstar Announces Portfolio of Satellite Asset Tracking Software and Hardware Solutions


Satellite technology has been one of the most instrumental innovations for the expansion of our species. Driving the space industry, innovation is constantly expanding the capabilities of satellites with the integration of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) enabling satellites to perform a wider array of composite functions. As a fundamental component to a myriad of functions, some of the key operations that satellites enable include:

  • Device Tracking

  • Risk Management/Emergency Response
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • Telecommunications
  • Navigational Services

At the forefront of innovation within the industry are Louisiana-based mobile satellite services and connectivity providers, Globalstar, Inc. which recently introduced its new offering at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida IoT Evolution Expo. The Realm Enablement Suite is a portfolio of satellite asset tracking software and hardware solutions, featuring a powerful application enablement platform for processing smart data at the edge. Partners benefiting from Realm can accelerate new solutions to market with AI-enabled applications that generate an advanced level of telematics data. By defining smart data at the edge, users send only the data they need over the highly reliable Globalstar LEO satellite network to the customer endpoint – significantly reducing transmission costs.

“The end-to-end design of the new Globalstar Realm Enablement Suite ecosystem removes the technology barriers to profitable innovation in the tracking and industrial IoT space,” said David Haight VP of IoT. “Realm delivers greater speed and lower cost in both development and deployment by providing the flexibility to innovate with the power to host applications and process data on edge devices for faster action and enhanced performance. The Realm Enablement Suite is what our partners around the world have asked us for.”

Introduced as part of the Realm Enablement Suite are three key technologies which revolutionize industrial IoT tracking, enabling businesses to remotely provide tracking in near real-time across the Globalstar LEO satellite network. The solutions include:

  • Integrity 150 - The first solar-powered, deployment-ready satellite asset tracking device with an open-source common architecture that allows you to configure and develop applications that transmit smart data from the edge. Offering the longest battery and shelf life available with device health monitoring, BLE5 sensor capabilities, and an abundant amount of storage, the Integrity 150 will support your most demanding development requirements. Designed for a multitude of market applications. 

  • ST150M - Takes satellite asset tracking and data management solutions to the next level. Engineered with an open-source common architecture, the applications enablement suite empowers you to create new products in a fraction of the time and cost, drastically simplifying product development. ST150M can be quickly and effectively integrated into technology for a range of markets. 

  • Realm Applications Enablement Platform - Key to unlocking the unlimited capabilities of the Integrity 150 and ST150M rugged, reliable devices in the field offering new tools and an extensive application and BLE sensor library for quickly accessing and developing AI-enabled applications at the edge for vertical-specific solutions helping organizations minimize what was previously hundreds of hours of development time for new products. 

These products are becoming increasingly indispensable for streamlining business operations, monitoring, and managing assets, delivering redundancy to terrestrial communications networks, and staying competitive in a connected, global marketplace.

Globalstar CEO, Dave Kagan stated “This newest innovation from Globalstar represents a continued commitment to IoT as a core business pillar. With Realm Enablement Suite, customers have the flexibility and agility they need to optimize data from their tracking devices and edge sensors,” he continued. “Generating smart data at the edge for delivery to the customer endpoint makes all the difference in transmission efficiency and operational performance.”

In addition to this announcement, VP of IoT at GlobalStar, David Haight attended two panels at IoT Evolution Expo, namely, ‘Not Big Data, but Relevant Data -- Lessons in Analytics’ and ‘Lone Worker Safety Solutions’. The first detailed the importance of creating smart, relevant data at the edge over broad sums of largely irrelevant data, while the second provided a comprehensive explanation for the safety of solitary and specialized workers, and how companies are protecting their workers by implementing Personnel Safety Management Programs utilizing the Globalstar SPOT products.

Edited by Erik Linask
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