Senet, Eclypses Collaboration Adds Security Level


Cloud-based software provider Senet Inc. and Eclypses, end-point data protection and developer of MTE technology, are collaborating to provide advanced FIPS 140-3 validated security solutions to the IoT ecosystem.

The use of IoT devices continues to grow – as do security risks – forcing device manufacturers to adopt advanced security measures. To standardize and certify a minimum level of cryptography, Federal Information Processing Standard-140, the most relevant of the FIPS for the IoT, was established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), updating to FIPS 140-3 by the Secretary of Commerce in March 2019.

Senet customers, with this collaboration, will be able to purchase Eclypses’ enhanced digital security as an integrated element of Senet’s network services.

“With device and data security increasingly becoming a leading topic of discussion with utility, municipal, and large enterprise customers, we are pleased to be partnering with Eclypses to offer the latest innovations in security designed for highly scalable IoT solutions and environments,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet.

Eclypses’ layered security approach includes Eclypses Cryptographic Library, or ECL, a FIPS 140-3 cryptographic library that provides consistent security for all offerings across all platforms; MicroToken Exchange, or MTE, a patented technology that uses ECL to randomize and replace data with random streams of values; and Managed Key Encryption, or MKE, which uses ECL to randomly replace and encrypt data with single use encryption keys generated by MTE.

Eclypses’ patented MTE technology, designed to meet the needs of highly scalable, low-power, widely dispersed IoT endpoints, will utilize the Eclypses Cryptographic Library, or ECL, to deliver enhanced end-to-end security capabilities such as verification of each endpoint connection and uniquely protected data packets with no change to the user experience and minimal impact on system resources.

“With billions of IoT devices already connected and billions more due to be deployed in the next few years, having a well-defined security strategy is a must for device manufacturers, network operators and end users alike,” said David Gomes, COO of Eclypses. “Senet is an established leader in the LoRaWAN ecosystem and we’re excited to be collaborating to deliver enhanced security options to one of the fastest growing segments of the IoT market.”

Additionally, Eclypses is offering IoT device manufacturers the ability to enable their devices with MTE security at the point of manufacture or through a firmware update.

Edited by Erik Linask
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