Milesight LoRaWAN Gateways Interoperable with Senet


Businesses and cities seek wireless networks and network management solutions that will support large-scale deployments of sensor-enabled devices as they advance their IoT strategies. They are looking to create better experiences while improving operations and reducing costs.  Many are doing it using LoRaWAN technology for infrastructure and enterprise IoT projects.

Benefits of LoRaWAN, the open global standard for carrier-grade LPWAN connectivity, include low cost, range of up to 15 miles in rural areas, built-in security and a long battery life.

AIoT solution provider Milesight and Senet announced a partnership to qualify Milesight LoRaWAN gateways and sensor-enabled end devices for operation on the Senet network.

Sensors used for monitoring total volatile organic compounds, CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, activity level, leak detection and other indoor environmental conditions are being qualified. Outdoor devices for water level, pipe pressure and soil monitoring will be evaluated for listing on Senet's Marketplace.

“For Milesight, this collaboration is not only an example of momentum in our ecosystem, but brings sound solutions to our customers, especially for projects that require Senet's carrier-grade network service," said Leon Jiang, vice president at Milesight.

Devices Senet will use include Milesight’s AM107 environmental sensor as well as the UG65 indoor gateway.

Milesight AM107 is a seven-function device that is battery powered and provides information sensors around temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and VOC levels. Senet will utilize CO2 and VOC to measure the air quality specifically. Temperature and humidity are key for building management because they have a comfort index associated with them. Light and PIR are the key indicators for space occupancy.

The Milesight UG65 gateway supports connectivity including backhaul connectivity of Ethernet, POE, Wi-Fi and cellular. It has a LoRaWAN front end that supports eight channels of 125kHz plus one 500kHz channel of connectivity on the LoRaWAN side. The device can also be utilized for outdoor installation if it's oriented in the correct direction.

"Milesight's high capacity and easy to install gateways represent outstanding additions to our portfolio of qualified products, expanding the ability of Senet and our partners to provide reliable LoRaWAN coverage across the globe," said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet.

The collaboration with Milesight will provide Senet customers a way to deploy and manage LoRaWAN networks and sensor-enabled devices for IoT projects.

Edited by Erik Linask
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