Outsight Expands 3D LiDAR Data Processing


The precision that comes with mapping with LiDAR technology is utilized in everyday activities. Self-driving cars use LiDAR to gain a 360-degree view of their surroundings. Farmers use it for precise agriculture to gather information about their crops. Buildings are scanned for defects in construction projects. These are just a few samples of LiDAR uses.

However, with those use cases, collecting data with LiDAR is only half the challenge. Software is also needed to make that data actionable, such as software provided by Outsight. Use cases of Outsight’s LiDAR technology include Stellantis using Outsight technology to process 3D LiDAR data, Groupe ADP using Outsight for airports’ people flow monitoring, and robotics customers using LiDAR for industrial autonomous mobile robots and remote operation.

3D LiDAR can be utilized to monitor anything that involves moving objects. The downside though is that only a few 3D experts efficiently use the hardware. There are also issues associated with the amount of data generated as well as the lack of standardization across dozens of different hardware vendors. Outsight’s real-time processing software will remedy these problems by enabling and accelerating new projects that want to utilize LiDAR hardware technology from any vendor.

“Outsight’s solution unlocks the power of LiDAR for mass adoption by solving the complex, raw data problem and providing valuable insights across a broad range of applications,” said Christopher Smith, managing director, Energy Innovation Capital.

To further endorse its work in deploying 3D software solutions across various industries, Outsight received $22 million in funding, led by Energy Innovation Capital. The funding will also support Outsight's expansion and product roadmap while strengthening its strategic position as a software pure player.

Outsight’s real-time solution only need a web browser to function, known as edge LiDAR processing software. Taking a step further, the funding will enable Outsight to integrate this technology with a cloud-based LiDAR processing solution of dynamic scenes. The integration will then effectively process large amounts of 3D data on the order of tens of petabytes.

This new product will address various use cases, such as digital twin applications and automatic 3D data annotation. Because of that, Outsight will be in a prime position to shape the emerging market.

“LiDAR is emancipating from its roots in self-driving car R&D to become the solution of choice in large-scale applications in mature markets, thanks to the new category of enabling software that we have created,” said Raul Bravo, president and co-founder of Outsight.

The funding round was co-led by Energy Innovation Capital and the Defense Innovation Fund managed by Bpifrance, alongside Groupe ADP and investors BNP Paribas, SPDG, Demeter, Safran and Faurecia.

Edited by Erik Linask
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