Quanergy LiDAR Solution Cuts Down False Alarms


Security incidents are what a company never wants to experience. Think of the immediate hassle as well as the ripple effect that follows. Business is disrupted, and brand reputation can be impacted. There’s also the possibility of legal ramifications along with financial loss.

The implementation of LiDAR assists businesses with security measures where cameras fall short. Quanergy’s LiDAR-based solution, QORTEX, provides 3D perception and volumetric sensing to enable detection, tracking and classification of 3D vehicles and objects in real time.

“Cameras can’t address all of the use cases our customers are grappling with when it comes to flow management, intrusion detection, privacy and other aspects of physical security,” Sonny Sekhon, senior product manager, flow management, Quanergy.

Quanergy took QORTEX’s capabilities further and upgraded its QORTEX DTC software solution, which underpins the company’s Flow Management portfolio.

Updates in QORTEX 2.3 included anti-masking capability to detect and alert when an intruder attempts to thwart the sensor, enhanced user and password management and a counter line feature. However, there are two updates that stood out from the rest.

A motion-based noise reduction mechanism called the movement threshold filter more easily filters out noisy elements, such as bushes and foliage. This reduces the number of false alarms and turned those alarms from a roadblock to a security enabler.

The occlusion filter relies on smart object stitching to ensure that even if a person being tracked goes behind a wall or another occlusion. The system doesn’t recognize them as new individuals when they reappear and continues tracking them where it left off.

QORTEX, now supported for Ubuntu 20.04 and IPv6, also differentiates vehicles and human-sized objects in terms of counting, if several objects enter a zone.

Q-View, a software-based configuration toolkit for Quanergy’s LiDAR-based sensors, also received updates in alignment with the upgrades made to QORTEX. Q-View provides robust information about a sensor network and its performance, along with intuitive tools to calibrate and align the sensors.

“We continue to innovate and improve upon our Q-View and QORTEX software for enhanced flexibility, security and incremental functionality, providing solutions and leapfrogging that supplements users’ existing investments and takes their systems to the next level,” said Sekhon.

The updates released by Quanergy provide a movement-based false alarm reduction solution that provides improved classification accuracy.

Edited by Erik Linask
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