Comcast and Ballast Accommodate Wireless Needs at Seattle Hotel


The last thing people want to experience when checking into a hotel after a long day of traveling is a poor experience.  That could include slow internet connection, overly hot or cold spaces, or many other factors that builds up frustration as guests look forward to a comfortable experience.

Improving the guest experience is a common goal for the majority of hotels, and that is no different for The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown, which features 142 rooms and provides guests easy access to the city landmarks and attractions.

To upgrade the hotel’s network and meet the needs of its guests, a private wireless network is deployed via a collaboration with Comcast Business and Ballast, primarily to support cellular voice and data connectivity throughout the property.

Private wireless networks offer wireless broadband speed and capacity with reliability and low latency to support the hotel’s expanding ecosystem of connected devices. Comcast Business’s private wireless solution adds to its networking capabilities while giving clients more wireless options, including DeepBlue for advanced, large-scale Wi-Fi deployments.

Comcast Business and Ballast use general authorized access unlicensed spectrum and Comcast’s priority access licenses spectrum to create a private network enabled with a multi-operator core network gateway at the hotel. The technology enables the private network to serve as a neutral host network capable of extending wireless coverage for all mobile service providers through a single system.

“A solid technology infrastructure and strong network are critical to supporting the features and functions that enable a better experience throughout a guest’s hotel stay, from booking to the memories they carry with them from their trip after checking out,” said Brian Epstein, head of strategic wireless solutions, Comcast Business.

In addition to the enhanced wireless experience, the private network also enables The Sound Hotel to deploy several new services that enhance the guest and employee experience. While internet connectivity is perhaps the more customer-facing feature, the private wireless network allows the hotel to also leverage new IoT capabilities.  For instance, wireless sensors allow the hotel to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. And new video surveillance solutions powered by AI and machine learning also are deployed.

“By upgrading our technology backbone to a next-generation 5G private wireless network, we can provide our guests a great, modern experience that matches the essence of Seattle,” said Barry Baxter, general manager, The Sound Hotel.

Edited by Erik Linask

IoTevolutionworld Editor

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