Secure and Scalable IoT: Try it Free for a Month


Throughout 2022, scarce were tech sectors where security wasn’t of acute importance. Specifically in IoT, security tended to carry a torch that shed light on big, ongoing stories.

Consider, for example, the number of IoT devices already deployed worldwide. Then factor in IoT projections for, the next several years – IDC predicts the number of IoT devices could grow to more than 55 billion by 2025. Each IoT device is, and will surely continue to be, built and deployed to help solve intricate challenges. But in that same breath, each is also admittedly a potential point of failure if security were to go awry. Thus, security must remain a priority topic of conversation for the entire IoT ecosystem. 

This segues well into QuarkLink’s new IoT security platform and its free, 30-day trial version, QuarkLink TrialPack. QuarkLink utilizes advanced cryptography techniques to integrate with any root-of-trust for end-to-end security across IoT devices.

With this trial, users can configure custom security policies, deploy virtual devices, and view, renew or revoke certificates. The TrialPack also enables provisioning, onboarding and management for IoT devices via an intuitive user interface. Crypto Quantique (the brains behind QuarkLink) says its solution makes it easy to manage a secure IoT estate without specialized experience. And unlike other IoT platforms that, regrettably, might contain vulnerabilities (thus ruling scaling as a legitimate risk), QuarkLink securely covers all deployment stages and integrates easily with any root-of-trust (as mentioned above) to swiftly connect devices to servers. This signals QuarkLink not only as scalable and powerful, but also as a user-friendly product that doesn’t demand a degree in cryptography to tap into.

For any interested, the TrialPack’s cloud-based QuarkLink instance is accessible via a URL provided after requesting access. With it comes a packaged and pre-programmed IoT development kit, a USB-A-to-USB-C cable, and a helpful demonstration video with an accompanying guide and user manual during the trial period.

Edited by Erik Linask
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