Simplifying IoT: 1NCE Launches 1NCE OS to Make IoT Easier and More Affordable


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a major event this year. On its opening day, a breadth of companies sought to make big announcements to properly kick things off.

One company that made quite an ambitious splash was connectivity and software provider 1NCE. And the software 1NCE introduced the world to?


Here’s the rundown behind this exciting news: It began in 2018, when 1NCE disrupted the IoT connectivity industry with its Lifetime Flat service. At $10 for 10 years, 1NCE’s  customers are able to deploy, connect, and manage their IoT sensors the world over for as little as another $1 per device. And 1NCE’s mission now is to, once again, be industry-disruptive; this time with the launch of 1NCE OS.

Available now in 153 countries, this 1NCE OS platform includes tools both powerful and complimentary to transform data with actional insights and a minimal lift, making IoT even more accessible.

1NCE OS is designed for the carefree integration of  1NCE’s connectivity and software features into customers’ IoT projects new and old, and of any scale. According to 1NCE’s Chief Operating Officer Ivo Rook, customer data is not monetized or, subsequently, used to sell additional services. With 1NCE OS, the company embodies full transparency about turning data into truly useful tools for customers, all included in its global Lifetime Flat rate.

“The thing is, and this is as it should be, it isn’t our data at all,” Rook asserted. “This is the customers’ data, and we are not about to just sell it back to them. That’s with whom it belongs. And if you pay for 1NCE’s services upfront, why pay for data that’s yours, as well?”

Per Rook, everything is taken care of once, a.k.a. 1NCE. That’s the guarantee.

1NCE believes customers should expect (and then actually receive) simplicity itself; simple digital experiences that last through products’ full lifecycles. So in the name of keeping things simple, here’s more about what 1NCE OS features and what it enables:

  • Device Authentication: As 1NCE seeks to simplify cloud and hardware alike, all that falls on customers themselves is to solder the SIMs to their devices. That’s it. Setting up secure, automated solutions should require neither backbreaking complications, nor error-prone onboarding procedures.
  • Cloud/IoT Integrator: Reliably connecting to the cloud is often, unfortunately, easier said than done. With 1NCE OS, that’s not the case. With 1NCE’s constantly managed translation of protocols (using open industry standards, e.g. AWS IoT Core, UDP, CoAP, LwM2M and Webhooks), customers are given the full flexibility they deserve.
  • Device Inspector: Think Inspector Gadget but for nourishing uncomplicated IoT. With their virtual toolbelt, of sorts, 1NCE significantly reduces what are regularly time-intensive and costly processes (like sending out expensive field technicians to monitor and service devices). 1NCE accomplishes this via advanced remote access to device states and recent telemetry to comprehensively inspect and support.
  • Device Locator: Network-based positioning to help users locate devices, even without GPS. Simple.
  • Energy Saver: A high percentage of critical sensors are still battery-powered. This can present power-usage challenges. With 1NCE OS, optimized payload transmissions can increase battery life by up to 50% to remedy such headaches.

1NCE OS’s IoT software accelerates customers’ time-to-market by months, infusing considerable value into the IoT market and making the development of connected products easier. Customers can save up to 60% in TCO when compared to developing and operating these services on their own – meaning companies will save tens of thousands of dollars – while mitigating risks for smoother overall processes.

“1NCE OS allows us to boost our customers’ ideas; not just when they need connectivity, but from the very onset of their projects, all the way through a device’s lifecycle. We offer what is needed for a single fee. 1NCE. That’s it.”

Hardware. Firmware. Cloud. Connectivity. 1NCE OS turns data and device management into actionable intelligence that supports countless systems and comes with no vendor lock-in. As Fredrik Stålbrand, Principal Analyst at Berg Insight Research, recently said, “1NCE OS and its product roadmap look very compelling. In delivering what customers expect, 1NCE is at the forefront of digital development.”

1NCE has already been entrusted by more than 10,000 customers worldwide (with more than 15 million managed connections, to boot). This heralds opportunities for customers to kickstart fraction-of-a-cost projects without undue difficulties too frequently associated with IoT.

“Connectivity,” Rook said, “should be as universal as electricity. We want to make it what it always should’ve been. It should work exactly the same, everywhere. We are here to uncomplicate the technology and change the industry so customers can do what they truly do best.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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