The Retail Game Changer: KORE's Retail Fixed Wireless Solution


Like nearly every other industry, the retail sector is undergoing a dramatic transformation, fueled by the rise of digital technology and the increasing need for high-speed connectivity to accommodate these new solutions.  KORE is at the forefront of this change with its latest offering, a comprehensive retail solution harnessing the power of 5G cellular connectivity through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

The Need for High-Bandwidth Solutions

Over the last decade, retail has witnessed a gradual shift towards digitalization.  But, the shift was accelerated massively during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person shopping and dining became unavailable.  Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have augmented their traditional sales channels with online platforms, expanding their reach and accessibility to a broader customer base.  Naturally, this necessitates the integration of high-bandwidth solutions to support digital interactions and transactions, along with the demand for real-time analytics.

But, the need for high-speed connectivity extends beyond simply online platforms; it has permeated into physical stores as well.  Point-of-sale devices, connected tablets and smartphones for inventory management, digital ordering systems, third-party integrations with delivery services, communications, and analytics all require robust and reliable connectivity to function efficient.  Retailers and restaurants are recognizing the benefits of 5G solutions on-site, which are capable of supporting these digital needs effectively.  However, implementing 5G technology can be challenging, especially considering the varied carrier needs across different locations.

The KORE Solution:  Bridging the Digital Divide

Understanding these challenges, KORE has developed a retail solution that leverages 5G-based Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).  FWA provides high-speed internet access traditionally available only through wireline solutions, but with the flexibility and scalability of wireless technology.  This allows retailers to enjoy high-bandwidth connectivity without the need for extensive infrastructure or expensive wired connections.

KORE's retail solution is designed to support the high data volumes and speeds required by many new retail applications.  As a result, retailers can reap the benefits of modern 5G networks, such as greater bandwidth to enable new and evolving applications that support both customers and staff.  It’s designed to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.  For instance, it can streamline processes by eliminating the wired/wireless divide and fostering the adoption of connected technologies.

A Practical Implementation

Consider the case of a national restaurant chain that KORE is assisting with digital transformation.  By leveraging KORE's pre-configured solution, the restaurant chain is modernizing its connectivity across hundreds of U.S. locations.

Without KORE as a connectivity provider, the chain would have had to individually source cellular connectivity based on location, a process that would have been both time-consuming and challenging – not to mention costly.  KORE, however, provides a singular approach to multi-carrier connectivity.  This simplifies the process by providing a unified connectivity management platform to control and monitor usage and billing.  Additionally, KORE's customer success department assists with onboarding and provides 24/7 support throughout implementation, further simplifying the deployment and reducing time to market. 

With KORE, retailers and restaurant chains are able to quickly ensure high-speed connectivity for all locations, supported by a single management platform.

The Future of Retail

KORE's retail FWA offering signifies a major leap towards a retail future defined by seamless digital transformation.  By providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the industry's need for high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity, KORE is paving the way for retailers to fully harness the benefits of digitalization.

The solution also supports a broader trend in the retail industry:  Embracing innovative technology to overcome operational and customer experience challenges of the digital age to deliver better employee and customer experiences.

As retail brands continue to navigate their digital transformation journeys, solutions like KORE's retail offering will help shape the industry's future.  The integration of 5G and IoT in retail offers immense potential for enhancing customer experiences, improving operational efficiencies, and driving business growth.

That said, the journey to digital transformation is not without challenges.  The implementation of high-bandwidth solutions can be complex and demanding. As such, the role of providers like KORE becomes crucial, offering not just connectivity solutions, but also the necessary support and guidance throughout the transformation process.

Indeed, KORE's solution for retail is more than just a product – it's a vision for a service-driven digital-first retail industry.  By providing high-bandwidth solutions that enable the seamless integration of digital and physical retail, KORE is not just solving the immediate challenges of today's retailers, but preparing them for tomorrow’s opportunities. 

To learn more about the state of IoT and connectivity, and how retailers and other businesses can maximize their investments in digital solutions, join KORE for a webinar called, The State of IoT and Digital Transformation, at 10:00am ET, Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Edited by Erik Linask
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