Federated Wireless and WWT are Delivering Turnkey Private Wireless LTE and 5G Across IoT Use Cases


Let’s talk about Federated Wireless, World Wide Technology (WWT), and new solutions for the lifeblood of the Internet of Things:


First, Federated Wireless. “Shared spectrum and private wireless is what we do,” one of its representatives wrote. “We offer transformational solutions to our forward-thinking customers.” So, that’s precisely what Federated Wireless continues to do; connecting customers to the future by transforming businesses’ approaches to – and relationships with – affordable and accessible connectivity. And the industries impacted? Logistics, energy, WISP, warehousing, education, smart hospitality, local governments, you name it.

Then, World Wide Technology. With approximately 9,000 employees globally, WWT is a privately held technology services provider that supports the world’s largest innovators in thinking differently about what can truly drive their businesses forward. By providing solutions for more than 80 of Fortune 100 companies (including partnerships with the likes of Cisco, HPE, Dell Technologies, NetApp, and Intel), business leaders are equipped to revamp processes in financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing and retail (to name a handful) via robust automation, connected workforces, infrastructure deployments, strategic resourcing, supply chain management and more.

Now, let’s put these together.

Just last week, Federated Wireless announced a new partnership with WWT to deliver turnkey private wireless LTE and 5G solutions to enterprises and carriers alike, bringing accessibility, flexibility and real simplicity to those solutions’ consumption models.

By packaging Federated Wireless’ private wireless with several enterprise applications and professional services, WWT will deliver tailored solutions to its customers that span industry sectors and use cases. Federated Wireless’ private wireless bundles – backed by the industry’s largest shared spectrum partner ecosystem – now include Federated Wireless’ new Neutral Host 2.0 solution, enabling extended cellular carrier coverage across facilities and covering must-address wireless connectivity gaps.

“Our customers require easy-to-consume private wireless networking solutions, and we are excited to partner with Federated Wireless to deliver on those needs,” stated Bob Hrbek, Practice Manager for Wireless, Access, and Mobility at WWT.

“As the private wireless ecosystem expands, customers face multiple vendor offerings – ones with components that are only a mere subset of what’s really needed to assemble a comprehensive private wireless ecosystem,” said Kurt Schaubach, Chief Technology Officer for Federated Wireless. “These fragmented solutions add unnecessary hurdles and complexities to new technology deployments. So, our new partnership with WWT brings flexible scaling to both enterprise and carrier-grade deployments, with a single source of best-in-class private wireless technology and network deployment expertise to expand service offerings at a hyperscale pace.”

Now available through WWT, these turnkey private wireless solutions are now available (with packaged starter kits ready to deploy in a matter of days on a customer site). The solutions are professionally installed and managing, allowing customers to shift focus to daily operations while immediately seizing the benefits of advanced private wireless networks in action.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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