Freedom to Switch: Avoiding IoT Vendor Lock-In and Achieving Flexibility with 1NCE


I’ve been writing for IoT Evolution World for quite a while now; this past January, I had the pleasure of writing about the self-described “Robin Hood of IoT” that is software and connectivity provider 1NCE.

1NCE’s story began in 2018; that’s when it made waves in the IoT connectivity industry with its Lifetime Flat service. At $10 for 10 years, 1NCE customers can deploy, connect, and manage their IoT sensors worldwide for as little as another $1 per device. Earlier this summer, 1NCE also announced its partnership with Blues, and its IoT connection capabilities were adopted by Pocketalk, giving Pocketalk’s translation devices better access to built-in mobile communication functions, even in areas where connectivity can be more difficult to secure.

Now, 1NCE – currently available in 158 countries – has made a new announcement:

As of this morning, 1NCE announced the launch of Freedom to Switch, the company’s future-proofed answer to vendor lock-in issues that plague the IoT industry.

Here’s how it works. As many in IoT are very much aware, a big challenge in starting or expanding IoT projects involves becoming locked into a specific IoT SIM operator. Then, switching to another IoT SIM profile can require manually changing SIM card(s); this, in turn, consumes both time and money in ways that, surely, are preventable.

So, 1NCE is officially offering eUICC-capable SIM cards, enabling seamless switching between profiles when necessary.

Available for industrial-grade IoT SIMs, the feature comes at zero additional charge as part of 1NCE’s aforementioned Lifetime Flat service.

“In IoT, scopes change and data insights evolve, so customers should always have the freedom to switch,” stated Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE. “1NCE thinks it should be a fundamental right for customers to add or change a provider over the lifetime of an IoT project – even if that means leaving us.”

That’s the continued tone of 1NCE in IoT spaces; making things fair and accessible to spark innovation, wherever that may be. Part and parcel with these open standards, Freedom to Switch offers peace of mind so customers can be prepared for any IoT eventuality over the lifetime of their device(s).

It just makes sense.

But why else should folks choose eUICC-enabled SIMs with 1NCE’s Freedom to Switch?

  • Defy vendor lock-in: As iterated, customers’ IoT devices will not be bound to a single operator anymore. Modern, equitable IoT flexibility.
  • Avoid truck rolls: Customers can remotely add and switch operator profiles; no manual swapping or physical interactions required.
  • Stay flexible: Future-proofed operations are quintessential. Being prepared for future changes to your device fleet is a must.
  • Ensure higher quality: With eUICC-enabled SIMs, testing network functionality of your IoT devices right at the assembly line

Hopping aboard the Freedom to Switch train, so to speak, is simple. After ordering the industrial-grade MFF2 or 3in1 eUICC-enabled SIMs, 1NCE will ship them directly to your address with the 1NCE eUICC SIM profile preinstalled. Then, they’re activated and ready to use, just like any other SIM.

So we’re looking at optimized supply chains, enterprise-grade IoT capabilities, support for IoT projects of any scale, and functionalities even in regions where 1NCE may not be available.

Interested parties can get started at 1NCE’s online shop and on the AWS Marketplace. Customer support is available in 14 languages.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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