Intelligence, Flexibility, and Control: The Launch of Kajeet's New smartSIM


A smart SIM card, as we know, can be used in various devices – smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, PCs, smart watches, cameras, sensors, and more – and with additional features (e.g. more memory, speed, and encryption-grade security) that a traditional SIM often lacks. In today’s smarter-everything landscape, forward-thinking producers of smart SIMs should prioritize optimizing intelligence, flexibility, and control so users can reap maximum connectivity benefits.

Enter Kajeet and its continuing mission:

“Connect the world for good.”

In 2003, managed IoT connectivity services provider Kajeet set out to bridge the digital divide for younger generations not yet familiar with high-speed connectivity and what is now the Internet of Things. Twenty years later, Kajeet provides start-to-finish services that lay the foundation for intelligent, flexible, and secure connectivity via wireless networks, software, and data-driven insights that improve everyday life for local communities and global industries alike.

Case in point, peek at Kajeet’s achievements timeline. In 2006, the company launched its Mobile Phone Service for Kids, leveraging nationwide cellular coverage (and safely). In 2011, the launch of Education Broadband K-12. In 2015, the debut of SmartBus, a key Wi-Fi solution for students on the go in school buses. And in 2018 and 2019, the Kajeet Off-Campus Connectivity Suite for beyond-the-classroom data management, then its Enterprise Business solution for connectivity in healthcare, business failover solutions, and EV charging; the list goes on.

And now, that list includes its new smartSIM solution.

“We are thrilled to introduce our Kajeet smartSIM,” said Kajeet Chief Technology Officer Greg Jones. “This is a solution that fully embraces the future direction set by the GSMA.”

Jones is correct. Aligned with the latest GSMA specifications (SGP.32), Kajeet leverages the latest remote SIM provisioning standards within its Sentinel platform to deliver the kind of unified central for control and optimal network intelligence (combined with the flexibility and optimal connectivity afforded by multiple carrier networks) that private and public sectors need.

“With this smartSIM, our customers can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of wireless connectivity,” Jones said.

That landscape was mentioned at the beginning of this piece, and now Jones echoed it. Kajeet prioritizes what else was mentioned, too; intelligence, flexibility, and control:

  • Intelligence: Coupled with its Sentinel Insights, the Kajeet smartSIM can easily be harnessed by customers to build dynamic rule-based triggers (i.e. based on a set of predetermined variables like location, country, signal quality and elapsed time) to enable data-backed decisioning, ensuring continuous connectivity.
  • Flexibility: Customers can also benefit from preloaded access to native carrier profiles while connected to their chosen network. (This is especially valuable in situations involving devices that move across regions, or for devices that require specific connectivity adjustments on the fly.)
  • Control: With native access to top U.S. carrier networks, the Kajeet smartSIM delivers a level of control that eliminates the need for manual carrier changes across devices. Kajeet enables seamless and secure connectivity management so users can action quick adjustments to network preferences and policies to align with today’s evolving requirements.

While none of us are all-seeing IoT clairvoyants that can future-proof everything, the Kajeet smartSIM is one solution that certainly helps.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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