AEye Introduces In-Cabin Lidar with Peak Performance


Traditional automotive sensor systems heavily relied on cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors for environmental perception. While effective to a certain extent, these systems had limitations in accurately mapping the 3D environment and faced challenges in adverse weather conditions. The need for enhanced precision and reliability in autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems prompted the development and integration of lidar.

In line with this development, AEye, a provider of adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, recently announced 4Sight Flex, designed to meet the demands of the next wave of autonomy (L2+, L3, and L4) and safety features, with the flexibility for in-cabin integration.

Some background on the autonomy levels. L2+, L3, and L4 autonomy refer to different levels of automation in the context of self-driving or autonomous vehicles, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers. These autonomy levels represent a spectrum of increasing automation, with L2+ requiring more driver involvement, L3 allowing the driver to disengage under specific conditions and L4 being capable of full autonomy within certain environments.

AEye’s 4Sight Flex takes advantage of the 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform. The platform utilizes software-definable lidar as its core, featuring a patented bistatic architecture that separates transmit and receive channels for optimization. Through this design, each transmitted pulse instructs the receiver on where and when to anticipate its return, introducing intelligence into the sensing process during acquisition. The adaptive nature of 4Sight enables it to prioritize critical elements within the field of view, forming the fundamental basis for the 4Sight platform and its associated products.

The 4Sight Flex, designed to be energy-efficient and low-cost, can detect objects up to 275 meters away and has a 120-degree horizontal by 30-degree vertical field of view. The 4Sight Flex is also designed to be integrated into the windshield and roof of a vehicle, allowing OEMs to deliver maximum safety to customers while preserving the aesthetic appeal of their cars.

“Our customers and partners want options that go beyond yesterday’s large antennas and today’s sensors protruding outside the vehicle,” said Matt Fisch, CEO of AEye. “With 4Sight Flex, AEye is delivering what the market demands – exceptional lidar performance together with the option for a more integrated design in the OEMs’ location of choice.”

Additionally, 4Sight Flex offers what AEye believes to be the lowest technical risk solution at one of the lowest volume costs in the industry. As AEye scales production for automotive volumes, it anticipates an additional 10%-20% component cost reduction compared to the current generation.

This ultra-compact, high-performance reference design for automotive applications delivers lidar performance in a small, energy-efficient and cost-effective form factor. 4Sight Flex will be available in 2024.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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