Making the Right Connections: 1NCE Plugins Set a New Standard for IoT Tools and Connectivity


2024 is here, readers – by all estimates, it’s going to shape into one heck of a time for the Internet of Things.

At the turn of the new year, I penned an article titled “A Look Back at IoT in 2023: 1NCE's Advancements for Simplified and Accessible Connectivity” and recapped a lot of our coverage on IoT connectivity and software solutions provider 1NCE; its World’s First IoT Lifetime Flat service and 1NCE OS, various partnerships the company struck, its future-proofed answer to vendor lock-in challenges in the form of its Freedom to Switch, and much more.

In short, 1NCE makes strong efforts to define itself as “The Robin Hood of IoT” and backs that effort with the kind of give-back value of which IoT sectors are currently very much in need.

Today, I’m pleased to say we have a fresh announcement from 1NCE. It’s a brand-new one as of this morning that can be summed up in two word (though we’ll certainly dive more into it here):

Those words?

1NCE Plugins.

On its path to secure and deliver future-proof, hassle-free IoT to more countries and regions around the world (1NCE currently does so in 165 total), 1NCE’s Plugins have now been officially announced – here on IoT Evolution World, as well as at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

In my aforementioned 1NCE recap piece, I had closed it by stating “We’d say 1NCE has certainty met the mark for IoT.” That still holds true, but now 1NCE is shooting for its next great mark via Plugins.

As part of this stage of its strategic software journey, 1NCE Plugins represents the opening of access for third-party software developers to create IoT tools together on the 1NCE platform.

Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE, said it best:

“If you take what’s needed to give companies what is necessary to build reliable connected products, why stop there? There’s a whole world out there for our customers once their devices are connected – the software world.”

“We are taking on the software-driven SaaS world in earnest,” Rook said. “1NCE believes open platforms are the way of the future for smartly managing connected products over their entire lifetime. That’s why Plugins are just the start, as we intend on solidifying 1NCE as a global standard for IoT over the course of 2024.”

For context, a bit more information about 1NCE Plugins and the extensive options customers now have for smoothly integrating features from their preferred and market-leading software developers:

  • Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) Management: With Plugins, 1NCE customers can utilize premier firmware upgrade management to keep all of their connected devices secure and healthy over their lifetime. FOTA is used for releasing new functionality, fixing bugs, and regular necessary maintenance.
  • Data Visualization: 1NCE customers gain access to dashboards that allow device data to be visualized for enhanced planning, prototyping, and deployment. As Rook also noted, “This is not 1NCE’s data. It’s our customer’s data, so we want them to have difficulty-free tools for what they consistently need.” Data visualization plays a big part here, as the low-code dashboards for customers are optimized for mobile viewing with data that can be accessed within minutes through the 1NCE platform.
  • Integration with Azure: On top of 1NCE’s existing partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), 1NCE customers will now be able to seamlessly integrate their IoT data with Microsoft Azure (and other top cloud service providers).

“1NCE OS was undoubtedly a great start,” Rook added, “and now with Plugins, other issues our customers face are being readily solved, and without being locked in to overly complicated alternatives. From here, we will expand to offer even more in 2024.”

Overall, we think it’s clear that 1NCE achieved a lot in 2023; clearly things are being done right, given 70% of the customers using 1NCE’s services are doing so internationally (i.e. across three continents) with more than 5 million new endpoints over the past year.

As more 1NCE news hits our inboxes, further updates will be shared.

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