ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale


Let’s talk about edge device management and ZEDEDA.

As we know, the number of edge devices – plus all the data they produce – is on a fast-track to exponential growth.

Edge devices can be thought of as “frontline workers” in IoT; a crucial component for improving network efficiency and enabling real-time (and highly data-driven) decision-making capabilities. By extension, then, edge infrastructure – including edge servers and gateways – offers high-performance and cost-effective avenues for reducing latency and processing data and services as close to the end user as possible.

Thus, edge devices (and edge infrastructure, at large) basically constitute one big IoT language, unto themselves.

And a company that speaks this language well? (Much better than I can, certainly.)

ZEDEDA, obviously.

ZEDEDA operates in the management and orchestration of the distributed edge. Its teams keep edge computing straightforward, open and intrinsically secure, extending cloud experience and agility to the edge itself. ZEDEDA also greatly reduces the overall cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications (while increasing visibility and control). The company introduced its ZEDEDA Edge Application Services last year, and its customers are continually able to configure and control edge applications simply by leveraging its many ecosystem resources.

And just earlier this morning, ZEDEDA announced the addition of Lisa Edwards to its board of directors.

Edwards brings to ZEDEDA a wealth of operational experience; she currently sits on the boards of Colgate-Palmolive, LogicMonitor and Qualtrics, and the company is confident that she’s well-equipped to strategically support ZEDEDA’s strong market position. (This news also comes in hot on the heels of the company’s $72 million investment round of growth capital announced last month. )

Per ZEDEDA CEO Said Ouissal:

“We’re heading into the next era of computing, and Lisa brings deep expertise and a wide breadth of experience to help us get there. It’s an exciting new step for all of us, and I’m looking forward to her support as ZEDEDA grows!”

And of course, per Edwards herself:

“The explosive growth of edge computing is driving transformational change within organizations, and ZEDEDA brings the infrastructure foundation that is critical to the success of these projects. Working with some of the largest global companies in industries like automotive, energy, logistics and retail, ZEDEDA provides scalability, security and real-time analytics to deliver competitive advantage.”

“As I’ve gotten to know Said and the ZEDEDA team,” she added, “I have been so impressed by their transformational vision, focused execution, and deep customer relationships.”

With Edwards on board, ZEDEDA expects to continue experiencing sizable market gains and successes in its diverse management capabilities.

Edited by Alex Passett
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