ICYMI: Your Weekly IoT News Review


From smart home devices and refrigerators that automatically reorder necessary groceries, to heavy-duty sensors in grain storage silos that track overall fill (and even industrial robotics streamlining operations in factory settings), modern Internet of Things (IoT) developments are not-so-subtly transforming professionals’ everyday lives. IoT is driving real innovation across countless real-world applications, and we’re consistently excited to see where IoT headlines will take us next.

Speaking of, we’re test-driving a slightly different type of IoT recap for you, readers. This is our “ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It) IoT updates recap.

Below, you’ll find a handful of stories and resources we think you’ll enjoy:

  • NOVELDA, a renowned provider of highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies designed for human presence detection (specifically child presence detection, or CPD) announced updates to its X7 UWB CPD and Vital Signs In-Cabin Monitoring integrations for automotive manufacturers. The updates mainly cover multi-target occupancy, and this will improve not only CPD and pediatric heatstroke prevention systems, but also multiple gesture recognition and heartbeat detection functionalities for abandoned vehicles or those involved in crashes. Read that full story here.
  • Canine Companions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with six regional training centers in the U.S., announced the launch of its CanineAlert Device as an alternative method for service dogs to understand what their owners with PTSD, severe anxiety and hypervigilance need in moments of crisis. The device wirelessly communicates with the corresponding dog collar, alerting the animal to initiate tasks aimed at reducing palpable trauma-induced stresses in a post-nightmare state. Read more here.
  • Dryad Networks, a provider of ultra-early wildfire detections solutions (featured here on IoT Evolution combating last year’s spike of wildfires in Canada) purchased 3,000 EM2050 LoRaWAN modules from EchoStar Mobile Limited. This (alongside support from Semtech) provides embedded LoRaWAN satellite IoT capabilities, “allowing for faster detection and subsequent containment to reduce strain on firefighting personnel and resources, while protecting vital ecosystems and saving lives,” said Dryad Networks CEO Carsten Brinkschulte.
  • Siemens released its new GenAI predictive maintenance functionality aimed at IIoT use cases – the Senseye Predictive Maintenance advancement makes rigorous human-machine interactions more efficient by modeling maintenance worker behavior models to direct attention and expertise to where it’s needed most. This, in Siemens’ words, flips the script to a more “prescriptive maintenance”-oriented approach; learn more here.
  • Highway 9 Networks, having kept its developments close to the best until recently, emerged from stealth as a cloud-native mobility and network services startup, serving modernization-focused enterprises with AI-driven apps and devices. Allwyn Sequeira, founder and CEO of the startup, stated how Highway 9 “delivers the always-on, performant mobile network needed for private mobility and modern AI-aware systems, regardless of whether they are indoors, outdoor, campus-wide or beyond.”
  • Mobelium, a global telecom analytics provider, debuted new connected car integrations for OEM business cases. These include Mobelium’s IoT Fraud Management solution, its IoT Service Assurance solution, and much more. “Mobelium is excited to play a pivotal role in expanding their underlying connectivity management, testing, security and fraud prevention capabilities for industries worldwide,” said Raja Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobelium.

For additional news outside of IoT, visit our sister sites like MSP Today, Cloud Computing Magazine and Future of Work News.

TGIF, readers! Until next time, take good care.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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