Assessing IoT Innovator LTIMindtree: Its 2023-24 Successes to Date and a Peek at What's Next


Raise a hand if you recall our past coverage of multinational information technology consulting and solutions provider LTIMindtree. On its mission to drive innovative excellence in the realm of sustainable IoT, LTIMindtree has been:

  • Selected by Metasphere’s technology and wastewater application specialists to transform their next-gen “Smart Sewers” management platform, which involves leak and spill prevention sensors for smarter wastewater monitoring use cases
  • Establishing in Poland its newest future-of-IoT delivery center to diversify its capabilities, bring its services closer to European customers in the travel, transportation and hospitality industries, and boost its overall global reach
  • A fantastic two-years-in-a-row presenter, if we at IoT Evolution World may say so, at 2023 and 2024’s IoT Evolution Expo; read more about their informative IoT presentations and go-to-market strategies here and here

(Also, a wholesome kudos if you raised your hand after reading this article’s introduction; I can’t see y’all but I’ll take you on good faith, readers.)

Suffice it to say, LTIMindtree has been busy. But of course, there’s more of this story to tell:

As of this morning, LTIMindtree announced the consolidated results for its FY24 financial review (approved by its Board of Directors), this period having ended March 31.

According to Debashis Chatterjee, CEO and Managing Director at LTIMindtree:

“We closed FY24 amidst a tough macro environment and delivered a resilient performance with full-year revenue growth of 4.4% in USD terms and an EBIT margin of 15.7%. Our order inflow for the full year at USD 5.6 billion registered a 15.7% growth over FY23. This growth reflects the positive outcomes of our positioning as an organization with scale, expanded capabilities, and larger partnerships. As IoT market dynamics evolve, we are excited to be part of innovations, partnerships, and initiatives that our clients will embark on in FY25.”

A positive outlook, to be sure. (Read deeper into the financial highlights here.)

Other notable LTIMindtree achievements have since included it having achieved Amazon Connect service delivery designation, allowing businesses to provide improved customer experiences (CXs) at lower costs, as well as it having joined the IBM Quantum Network to explore quantum computing innovations that benefit IoT infrastructure.

As a major contender in the IoT space, we’ll certainly continue keeping an eye out for LTIMindtree’s next big announcement.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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