ICYMI: Your 'IoT TGIF' News Recap Ahead of Memorial Day


The Internet of Things is, as we well know, no longer a far-off tech fantasy; just imagine bridges with embedded sensors that detect stress points, potentially leading to the prevention of total disasters. Or, envision environmental monitoring buoys that can track real-time ocean health, thus providing key datapoints to conservationists. Think of IoT-powered wearables that can monitor worker movements for safety precautions in hazardous industrial environments. Think of satellite technologies that connect hyper-remote areas that require aid.

This is IoT. From optimizing energy usage in smart-enabled buildings to streamlining logistics for faster deliveries and preventing costly failures and/or downtime, IoT presents ways to achieve legitimately efficient, data-driven outcomes. By understanding what kinds of advancements are furthering the state of IoT, we gain better understandings of how its steadily reshaping many industries.

Below are a handful of things happening in the IoT space as we prepare for the long Memorial Day weekend ahead:

  • First, satellite IoT (or satIoT), as we briefly alluded to above. With satIoT (i.e. low Earth orbit, or LEO, satellite constellations, etcetera), organizations are able to gain what’s necessary for “off-the-usual-grid” type of operations; imagine monitoring environmental conditions in a remote rainforest, tracking transoceanic shipment routes, or managing a provider’s critical infrastructure in even a far-flung, geographically isolated location. This is made accessible – legitimately achievable – via satIoT. This is why WISeKey is working with organizations like FOSSA Systems and SpaceX to pioneer its WISeSAT.Space program, which harnesses picosatellite (or “smallsat”) technology to power sensors that circumvent the restrictions of terrestrial networks. Read more here.
  • Next, OXIO – on its mission to deliver uncompromising, modernized wireless and other experiences for both humans and machines alike – recently announced an expansion. Already providing reliable connectivity to M2M and IoT devices across 800 networks in 180+ countries, even more businesses will now be able to take advantage of resilient network coverage via one intuitive cloud-based platform that, quote, “liberates teams from navigating country-specific regulations, contracts and operator relationships in favor of one global partner. Using one unified, user-friendly platform, M2M businesses can streamline device connectivity deployment and management, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and regulatory hurdles.” Progress like this (be it front-page news or not) is important because gains in IoT connectivity like these make other profound projects more achievable. Connectivity is, after all, the lifeblood of IoT.
  • Then, a relevant reminder: Viasat, a high-speed communications and IoT connectivity solutions provider, is hosting its ELEVATE global partner event from June 18-19 Business leaders at this event will be able to leverage the best from Viasat and its remarkable global presence. Attendees will also learn about Viasat’s direct-to-device technology roadmap, its Enterprise and Land Mobile (ELM) product portfolio updates (and market insights therein), and more concerning how the ELEVATE program can support businesses’ long-term growth ambitions. So whether you find yourself in business development, IT or OT, engineering, or in product or project management or purchasing – you name it, Viasat will support it – anyone interested should learn more and register by clicking here.
  • Lastly, Viavi Solutions Inc. recently shared milestones it’s made in 6G – yes, 6G; not solely 5G – and AI research efforts based on its 6G Forward Program. Dr. Ian Wong, CTO at Viavi, stated that “Our research has led to breakthroughs in the use of AI and machine learning for radio propagation modeling and 5G and eventually 6G city-scale digital twin interfaces. We believe this is critical in enabling large-scale network digital twins, which we’re well-poised to deliver with our network emulation solutions and network monitoring and optimizing capabilities in the field.”

Good stuff, through and through.

For more news outside of these short-and-sweet Internet of Things reviews, visit our sister sites like GenAI News, MSP Today, Cloud Computing Magazine and Future of Work News.

TGIF, readers. Until the next ICYMI, take good care.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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