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Kerlink to Launch Smart IoT Solutions with Partners for Key Verticals

By Ken Briodagh February 21, 2019

Kerlink, a solutions developer dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), reportedly will introduce at Mobile World Congress 2019 a new series of end-to-end IoT solutions dedicated to corporate businesses and cities, ranging from logistics & tracking and facility management to building operation and asset monitoring.

These new turnkey solutions, developed with partners expert in their vertical markets, are part of the company’s latest addition to its existing suite of LoRaWAN products, software and services. The company said that these packages combine sensors, connectivity and applications already proven in the field:

  • Smart Logistics & Tracking developed with Wyres. This solution includes a seamless, cost-effective and energy-efficient geolocation system that optimizes logistic flows and secures assets, whether in transit or inside buildings.
  • Smart Facility Management developed with Microshare. This technology optimizes room use and occupancy and automatically selects operational features, such as predictive cleaning, that improve end-user’s experience.
  • Smart Building Operation and Maintenance proposed with Hxperience. This solution shows facility and property managers how to reduce energy and water costs, improve overall operational efficiency and create new value by monetizing building assets, including new digital services.
  • Smart Asset Monitoring from Synox. This technology helps users manage all their connected end-devices to maximize data use, including cold-chain monitoring. The solution also includes data recovery.

Kerlink invested in and formed a business collaboration with Microshare last year and acquired in January a 51 percent stake in Wyres, a French company that specializes in indoor geolocation technology.

“Kerlink acts as a solution designer to federate relevant ecosystems partners, to speed-up the development of vertical solutions and to reduce time-to-market, technical complexity and fragmented customer experience,” said Stéphane Dejean, CMO, Kerlink. “We want to be the catalyst to gather relevant players in the IoT value chain – device makers, integrators, applications providers – and combine our joint expertise in ready-to-run solutions, benefiting from Kerlink’s leadership in robust and performant IoT network design, deployment and operation. Together, we aim at removing technical challenges, improving end-user experience and delivering concrete solutions tailored to immediate business needs. LoRa is proving its ability to support industrial operations and is the most mature and cost-efficient LPWAN technology for massive IoT to date.”

The IoT Evolution Expo, and collocated events, IoT Evolution Health, LPWAN Expo, The Smart City Event, and IIoT Conference, will take place Jan. 29 to Feb 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Visit to register now.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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