The IoT Outlook 2016 Report


Insight is always useful – and for technology areas attracting the most hype, enhancing understanding is crucial. One of the most revolutionary technology developments today is the IoT, which is changing the way we live, tackle environmental problems and even enjoy sports. As the IoT makes the transition from hype to reality, Gemalto worked with on a recent survey of 900 business professionals to better understand perceptions and trends in the fast moving marketplace. Download the full IoT Outlook 2016 Report for insight into the IoT.

Key Findings
The survey addressed realities and challenges of the IoT including operations and monetization of billions of connected devices. Half of all respondents believe that IoT services will be responsible for up to 50% of business revenue by 2020. However, roughly four in five respondents believe there is a lack of consensus over the best way to strategize, deploy and monetize IoT. A key finding indicates that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) all need to transform their potential capabilities in an evolving landscape to create meaningful applications that generate value for entire ecosystem.

Another key takeaway shows that M2M has been a torchbearer for IoT. A huge portion of respondents (45%) feel that M2M and IoT mean the same thing, indicating there is still a need for marketplace education and deeper understanding of the landscape.

Respondents were also asked to give feedback on consumer IoT. A large number of respondents (44%) believe that the biggest segment consumer IoT would impact is Health & Fitness. This is an important insight into consumer perception, as it shows that the wearable technology industry has the potential to catapult the market into the mainstream, as was the case with smart phones.

Gemalto operates in both the consumer and industrial IoT space, and we’re dedicated to helping customers connectsecure and monetize their IoT assets. We hope this year’s IoT Outlook 2016 Report can help you shape successful IoT strategies. Download the report by clicking here.

About the author: Haider Iqbal is Gemalto’s Segment Marketing Manager for the IoT, On-Demand Connectivity and OEMs. A tech enthusiast and generalist by nature, Haider loves finding synergies between different technologies, industries and business verticals. He’s on a life-long mission to drive change, drive a 4X4 and drive a golf ball…with occasional success!

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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