IoT Evolution Speakers: Jaushin Lee Speaks Out


The IoT Evolution Expo is the only Internet of Things industry event focused on Enterprise-level strategic planning and engineering-lead solutions to IoT and IIoT challenges. We have invited a world-class speaking faculty to join us and help provide our conference delegates with the critical business intelligence they need to formulate strategy for the next year.

We reached out to our speakers and asked them for a preview for their sessions to give you a little taste of what to expect at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas July 17 to 20 for the IoT Evolution Expo. To register now, click here.

Jaushin Lee, the 2017 CIE Entrepreneur of the Year, is a serial entrepreneur focusing on the intersection of enterprise networking, security and computing. He is the founder and CEO of Zentera Systems and the architect behind the award-winning Zentera CoIP (Cloud over IP) platform that dramatically accelerates the provisioning of virtual network security infrastructure across on-premise and cloud datacenters. Before Zentera, he was the founder and CEO of Imera Systems, which provided secure enterprise collaboration solutions. Earlier, he managed Cisco’s network search engine program, supporting numerous critical product lines. Jaushin has held management positions with Terawave Communications and Silicon Graphics, as well as an assistant EE professorship at the University of Virginia.

Lee will appear as part of the "IoT Security Strategies: Mastering the Zones of Trust" panel on Wednesday afternoon. When it comes to IoT, the news indicates that security breaches go undetected to the point where it’s stalled IoT deployments. The panel will share their experiences with including the Internet of Things in their security plans and how IoT should be seen as a part of the entire organization's security system. Issues such as Addressing, Detection, Encryption, and Networking are on the table as we extend the zone of trust.

IoT Evolution World: What will be some key points you plan to hit in the panel?

Jaushin Lee: I will focus on the security challenges for cloud providers and telecom service providers that are hosting IoT services in a non-unified global network environment. I’ll also present the concept of the Shared Responsibility Model, where IoT solution and service providers each address different aspects of total IoT security. Lastly, I won’t forget to mention that Zentera this year has been named a Cool Vendor in Cloud Security by Gartner.

IoTEW: What new insights can attendees expect to take home from the session?

JL: First, firewalls alone are insufficient for providing overall IoT security. Second, in a global network environment, it is challenging to implement network isolation for safeguarding IoT services. Last, an end-to-end overlay security infrastructure is quickly becoming a promising solution.

IoTEW: Can you identify a few important trends influencing your sector of the IoT which will shape the path of the industry? Why these?

JL: Without a doubt, security is a key issue and important trend in the IoT market today, and I think an incoming trend just over the horizon is for cloud providers and telecom providers to provide an overlay security fabric service that allows enterprises to easily deploy their IoT solutions. This way, enterprises would not have to repeatedly customize their individual infrastructure security implementations.

IoTEW: What are the biggest challenges facing the IoT? What are some important tools needed to overcome them?

JL: One of the biggest challenges for IoT is security, and a key security challenge has to do with the enormous and ever-growing amount of application network traffic. Firewalls can’t effectively filter all application behaviors; as a result, the entire cloud environment can be vulnerable. There are emerging solutions in the IoT market to address this challenge. Zentera takes a networking approach. We provide a technology called “Application Interlock.” Application Interlock allows enterprises/customers to pre-screen their IoT applications and then lock the software with the overlay network. Only specified applications are allowed to send packets over the network.

IoTEW: Which vertical markets have the most to gain from IoT implementation?

JL: The industrial market is probably the frontrunner. Health care is becoming interesting too, and the smart city arena definitely has huge potential.

IoTEW: What sessions are you most looking forward to attending at the Expo? Why?

JL: I’m excited to attend sessions that explore core principles and trends behind IoT as well as sessions that talk about the risks and rewards of security. I’m also interested to see how IoT’s growth will impact the industry ecosystem of channels, partners, and competitors.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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