A Hub of Innovation: What's Happening at IoT Evolution Expo 2023


Dear readers, the time has finally come.

The kick-off of IoT Evolution Expo 2023 is less than 18 hours away!

For any out of the loop, here’s the long-story-short of it to bring you in: IoT Evolution Expo 2023 is part of ITEXPO and will be taking place at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. IoT Evolution Expo 2023 stretches from February 14-16 and will be a haven for IoT adopters and developers, MSPs and network providers, analysts and venture capital firms, and a great deal more. Those in attendance will learn about scaling IoT implementations, plus how impactful smart technologies are in driving business growth.

At IoT Evolution Expo 2023 will be a superabundance of can’t-miss discussions. Below, for your convenience, I’ve compiled a shortlist of key agenda items. Depending on what ignites interest, you can register for any of them by clicking here.

- Special Panel Discussion: Money Matters – 2022 saw a ton of IoT activity as well-funded companies expanded their offerings via strategic acquisitions. This panel will cover what lessons the past year taught us, and what we can expect for the remainder of 2023.

- 5G/6G Solutions: Starlink Integration for IoT Applications – Starlink is a satellite-based broadband service (developed by SpaceX) that aims to provide high-speed, low-latency internet access from anywhere on the planet. For IoT applications, Starlink provides primary and secondary connections. This session is for those looking to gain a stronger understanding of how to design multiple top-performing Starlink connections (with cellular WAN).

- Smart City Solutions: Coverage is Critical in IoT Deployments – For smart cities, having reliable, in-building service isn’t an across-the-board guarantee. Yet, it needs to be. It’s very critical that devices and sensors are able to communicate and transmit data effectively. Without adequate coverage, the efficiency, safety, and quality-of-life benefits of IoT installations in smart cities can’t be fully realized.

- Keynote Presentation: 5G in Mission-Critical Applications – As public safety concerns mount, utilizations of tech in mission-critical applications are some of the fastest areas of growth in IoT. With the largest portfolio of public safety-oriented solutions, supplier of telco equipment GetWireless will lead a panel of industry vendors as perspectives on ecosystem best practices are shared. For this keynote presentation, GetWireless’ Mike Anderson, its Senior Director of Product Management, will share data, stats, and success stories.

- Keynote Presentation by T-Mobile – Annette Williams, T-Mobile’s Director of Product Management, will discuss how 5G is a top factor driving industries’ future projects. Learn how T-Mobile is leading the charge with 5G that supports IoT technologies, as well as why having one cohesive, customer-centric team with IoT expertise will propel your solutions to market more quickly.

- Sustainability in Action: Using IoT to Improve Water Quality Management and Reduce Environmental Impact – With current water scarcities, every drop counts. So, how do we assess the quality and quantities of waters we use? What can be done to better manage scarce resources? How do ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives incentivize better care for water? These questions and more will be thought through.

- Fireside Chat with US Cellular – Traditionally, US Cellular has been a direct sales organization. However, in regard to IoT dynamics, the market requires a robust partner ecosystem. So, US Cellular has developed a new frictionless, go-to-market solution for channel partners. Their approach and advantages will be covered throughout this chat.

For more info about IoT Evolution Expo 2023 and the rest of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience, here’s a handful of helpful links:

- Become An Attendee

- Networking Events

- Onsite Giveaways

- Download the App

Edited by Alex Passett
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