Cloud Analytics Initiative to Bring Automation to Smart Home

By Ken Briodagh June 30, 2015

A key issue in smart home adoption, as with any consumer-facing technology, is user friendliness. If a tech is easy, and helpful, it is much more likely to find a mass market. Don’t believe me? Go ask how many folks are using DOS without Windows on top of it. 

Now, Icontrol Networks, makers of interactive security and home automation platforms, is setting out on a mission to do just that for Smart Home automation. In a June 30 announcement, the company launched an initiative to bring a new level of intelligence to homes through cloud-based analytics. As part of this initiative, Icontrol will partner with mnubo, an IoT data analytics provider, to add advanced data-driven services that accelerate the customized intelligent home experience. 

“The smart home is at a point similar to the early days of the smart phone – the technology is there, but the full potential hasn’t been realized,” said Letha McLaren, CMO, Icontrol Networks. “Right now we’re seeing a lot of single-device automation, but there hasn’t been enough data for a true ‘smart home’ where devices work together seamlessly to better anticipate user lifestyles. Icontrol is one of the first to have the volume of data required for this level of analysis. We’re excited to partner with mnubo to show consumers how a smart home ecosystem can enhance their lives in ways they haven’t even thought of yet.”

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After extensive research and analysis of its data, Icontrol has enlisted mnubo to help bring its vision to life. Together, Icontrol and mnubo have set the goal of building a real-time, built-for-IoT data analytics platform that they hope to use to deliver value-added services for deployment partners, and ultimately, the consumer experience. 

“Icontrol’s clear vision and strong ecosystem positions them uniquely to take advantage of the strategic insights from their smart home data,” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO, mnubo. “Applying data science and machine learning to smart homes is the next big data opportunity.”

‘It’s time to open the pod bay doors, HAL.’

‘I think I can finally do that, Dave.’

For more insights into the Smart Home, register now for the IoT Evolution Expo, August 17 to 20 in Las Vegas. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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