Conexant Announces New Technology

By Chrissie Cluney February 19, 2016

Conexant, a software developer and fabless semiconductor company that provides solutions for voice and audio processing, has presented three new products at the last Consumer Electronics Show.

The RoomAware Optimizer processing solution improves the consumers’ listening experience from the existing speakers in a TV. The new solution has been adopted by LG Electronics for its 2016 lineup of OLED and UHD TVs. LG will call the feature “Magic Sound Tuning.” Using the “Magic Sound Tuning”, LG TVs, which come with their Magic Remote, can automatically adapt speaker output to the room’s acoustics and the location of the TV in the room. This allows the user to have the optimized end user experience.

“We have a longstanding, strategic relationship with LG and we're pleased that RoomAware Optimizer will be widely available in their new line of OLED and UHD TVs with the Magic Remote,” said Saleel Awsare, SVP and general manager, Conexant.

Another device that Conexant has announced is their CX20926 low-power audio/sensor SoC, which brings voice control to battery-powered devices. The chip inside the device, features always-listening, voice-activated wake-up capabilities that turn battery-operated devices, such as smart voice remote controls, wearables and headsets into smart applications. With the CX20926, devices are always listening for wake-up voice commands while the device is powered off, which saves battery resources. 

“Our new chip takes everything we've done for these markets and brings it to low-power, battery-run applications -paving the way for consumers to use their voice to take control of the devices they use most,” said Awsare.

One more technological device that Conexant has unveiled is their 4 Microphone Far-Field Voice Input Processor. The device uses the company’s new Smart Source Locator (SSL), the CX20924 brings 360-degree voice location capabilities combined with excellent speech recognition hit rates to smart voice applications. This is made possible in far-field conditions of up to five meters away from the target device. As part of Conexant’s Contextual Awareness product portfolio, the new chip offers a highly accurate, robust way to control smart speakers, robots and security monitoring cameras. It also gives these applications the ability to listen to the surrounding environment and automatically and intelligently adapt. 

“Conexant's audio solutions allow people to control everything from their tablets to home appliances using only their voice, and the CX20924 takes this to the next level by adding environmental cues and directional awareness into the mix,” Awsare said.

Conexant is on their way to making life easier for their consumers by constantly thinking up and creating devices like these. 

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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