Smart Microwave Cover Tells You When the Food Is Ready

By Ken Briodagh March 21, 2018

Start-up company WICIOT has launched what it’s calling the world’s first smart microwave cover. It’s called the °Cmicro and it reportedly measures the temperature of food and drink heated in the microwave in real time and sounds an alarm when it reached the desired temperature, defined by the user.

°Cmicro is designed to save time and make microwave cooking safer, healthier and more energy efficient, the company said. It is based on patented IoT technology and is compatible with all consumer microwaves, according to the release.

WICIOT Ltd was founded in 2016 by Marko Höynälä, who has developed products for sports and the medical industry. WICIOT specializes in wireless smart home IoT solutions, and developed °Cmicro together with DA-Group.

The °Cmicro launched recently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo with an aim to raise $25,000 to bring it to the consumer market. The °Cmicro is available for pre-order on Indiegogo, The campaign started on March 19 and continues until the end of April.

Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

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