Keeping Your Things in Your Orbit: Connecting Even the Littlest Things Using IoT

By Special Guest
Shrey Fadia
May 29, 2018

With all the talk about Industrial IoT, and connected factories, farms and entire cities, we sometimes lose site of the plethora of little things we humans rely on every day.

HButler, a Sydney-based consumer electronics lifestyle company, is building a brand around their Orbit tracker devices using Bluetooth to help people find those little things that go astray.

It is a rechargeable and portable device and has its own free Orbit App which shows a current location based on GPS as long as the lost item is in range. When the connection is lost unexpectedly, it gives you the last location of the device on your phone app.

There are form factors for wallets, keys, glasses, chargers and even a sticker version which can work with anything.

The company claims it has built the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracking device called Orbit Card at 0.4” so easily slipped into a wallet. It is like a credit card or debit card and comes with rechargeable battery and life expectancy of 3 months.

Like the card, Orbit Glasses is said to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth tracking device at 0.2” by 1.2. Orbit glasses sits on the inner arm of its pair at a slender of 1.2 mm and comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 month per charge.

Orbit Wallet looks like a sleek leather wallet but is a phone charger. This product comes with RFID blocking for credit card security and a 2500mAh battery.

The Orbit Keyfinder is made from anodized aluminum with waterproof casing and comes with a rechargeable battery with 6 months of battery life. This product comes in a range of colors including gun metal, rose gold, emerald green and many more.

Orbit Stick-on which measure 1.2” by 1.4” helps connect electronic devices like TV remotes, laptops, tablets and more.  

Orbit Powerbank can recharge all devices and track devices using Bluetooth protocol. It sends a notification and reminds users to recharge when the battery is down to minimum level.

Orbit is a family of Bluetooth trackers that help you locate your valuable items in seconds using the free app on your phone.

“Lost keys, phone, wallet and glasses are now a thing of the past,” said Orbit Founder, Stephan Kljajic. “Orbit created their products to help you spend less time looking for the things you need, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.”

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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