Detect Smoking, Suppress Noise with Sentry

By Greg Tavarez July 19, 2022

The smoke detectors most Airbnb and Vacasa hosts use in their homes are unable to tell the difference between cooking smoke and recreational smoke. The ability to detect smoking, excessive noise and crowding will prevent unwanted activities without violating the privacy of short-term renters.

A single unwanted incident will potentially cost $4,100 in damages, in addition to costs and complaints, and delays in accommodating future guests, resulting in the hosts’ reviews and ratings being negatively impacted.

Wynd Technologies, after running a pilot program with Airbnb and Vacasa hosts through 2021 and into 2022, launched Sentry, its latest proprietary indoor environment sensor.

Sentry’s features act as a deterrent to unwanted smoking and disturbances, providing evidence for damage claims and assuring guests that they are staying in a smoke-free property. Sentry’s airID smoke speciation technology sends alerts to property owners’ smartphones about unwanted smoking with more than 99% accuracy to prevent smoking before it starts.

Sentry’s noise sensors, with SiSonic MEMS technology, will alert owners of excessive gatherings and sustained noise on the property without violating the privacy of guests.

“Sentry’s real-time and data-rich environmental sensor technology is invaluable for property owners who see a high volume of short-term renters and need to keep their assets peaceful, undamaged, and disturbance-free,” said Raymond Wu, Wynd’s CEO.

The pilot program helped Sentry find that authenticated data regarding a smoking incident reduces insurance claim settlement times, while also increasing the success rate for claims. This is ideal for short-term property rental owners and for owners of general multifamily rental units, single-family homes, hotels and student housing.

“With vacation season in full swing, we wanted to provide a solution for people whose second homes serve as a vital source of income and need to keep their properties ready for the next visitor,” said Wu. “Our pilot program yielded amazing results, and we’re proud to officially launch the new standard for indoor environment protection.”

Sentry is available in a limited time window for pre-order, which features complimentary hardware and a discounted subscription rate.

Edited by Erik Linask
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