Incognito, Hitron Partner to Simplify IoT-enabled Smart Homes

By Tracey E. Schelmetic November 04, 2022

As the idea of the connected home becomes more popular, there is a need to reduce some of the complexities that naturally come from an industry that innovates piece by piece. Over the years, service providers have layered on the smart home offerings, resulting in somewhat of a patchwork approach that can become complex in a way that doesn’t allow for easy management or improvement.

Device management solution provider Incognito Software Systems announced a new strategic partnership with customer premises equipment manufacturer Hitron Technologies. The two plan to create a unified, secure platform that enables service providers to improve the connected home by simplifying the management of in-home devices and networks. The solution will also offer analytics and operational dashboards with the ability to manage and view Wi-Fi settings, device topology, diagnostic reports, and guided troubleshooting.

With integration between Hitron’s TR-369-enabled devices and Incognito’s Digital Experience Solution, service providers will have access to a platform that simplifies the process of rolling out and managing next-gen smart services for home networks and delivers a better subscriber experience. The combined offering is expected to empower operators to take advantage of a complete USP-enabled connected home ecosystem. The ecosystem features Incognito’s DX Solution with its new unified architecture of TR-069 and TR-369 and features such as virtualized services and key performance indicator (KPI) analytics for improved monitoring and management of connected devices. It also includes Hitron’s mesh routers/gateways, which enable Gigabit-class performance to meet the need of most connected households.

“As workers transition to remote-first, students learn online, and homes layer on connected devices, ensuring reliable broadband performance and providing innovative services beyond connectivity to residential and business Wi-Fi customers has become critical for service providers,” said Pete Koat, COO of Incognito, in a statement. “The addition of USP support within our already feature-rich unified device management platform, along with new partnerships with other leading USP vendors, allows us to address a market need and give operators a way to take advantage of TR-369 USP today and begin developing premium smart home offers.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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