Moen Smart Home Technology Dives into Lawn Care with Sprinkler and Wireless Soil Sensors

By Alex Passett January 05, 2023

Before today, the only “smart water” I’d personally heard of was the Smartwater brand of bottled water. But every day is an opportunity to learn, as I now have in regard to the Smart Water Network from Moen, a producer of smart and motion control faucets, shower installations, smart irrigation systems, sump pump monitors, sinks and more. Most recently, Moen announced new water-centric smart home technology with the Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors.

Since every lawn is unique (i.e. the amount of sun and rain it gets, the region, etcetera), the impacts of consistent watering shouldn’t be undervalued. Moen’s Smart Water Network – an integrated system of products that enhance user experiences while also facilitating water conservation – has been joined by the new Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors. Moen aims to keep things as simple and smart as they do affordable with this home irrigation system. Accessible with a smartphone app and intelligent, user-tailored features, each zone of a lawn can be custom-watered by the controller while, at the same time, precise data is tracked by the sensors. They take a variety of factors into account, like necessary seasonable adjustments and estimated savings by watering strategically.

The Smart Wireless Soil Sensors don’t require cables to be buried across stretches of lawn, either. They simply insert flush into the ground and measure soil moisture and temperatures at 1-inch, 3-inch, and 5-inch depths to determine if levels are above or below set thresholds.

Easy to install (and able to retrofit existing irrigation systems), Moen’s Smart Sprinkler Controller and Sensors give homeowners sophisticated controls over their smart-water setups. “After all,” said Joy Trillet, Associate Product Manager at Moen, “outdoor water use accounts for a tremendous amount of water each day. The Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors provide users with peace of mind, saving homes up to 15,000 gallons of water annually compared to a clock-based controller.”

This expansion of Moen’s offerings can be seen in action at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, taking place today through January 8.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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