Nextbase iQ Dash Cam, Powered by T-Mobile, Raises Onboard Intelligence

By Greg Tavarez January 13, 2023

Owning a car can be an unpredictable thing. Drivers never know the intention of other drivers, never know if they’ll be pulled over by a hidden police officer, and never know if they’ll be involved in a car accident when going down a road they drive on every day. Even away from the wheel, drivers are unaware of their car being hit or of a possible theft.

OK, there is not going to be a solution that completely predicts every scenario flawlessly, whether behind the wheel or away from it. But why not help enhance the driving experience – something along the lines of raising driver IQ with technology?

Nextbase is making that happen with its iQ Smart Dash Cam, a new generation of in-car security and driver assistance.

Nextbase iQ features will include 4K tri-cam infrared video system, Smart Sense Parking, Witness Mode, Guardian Mode, emergency SOS, live view access anytime from anywhere, AI-powered Vehicle Aware, tracking and DriverAware.

All these features are powered exclusively by T-Mobile, to deliver IoT connectivity for Nextbase iQ devices across the U.S. and Canada. T-Mobile enables near real-time video and notifications, as well as over-the-air updates that offer additional features throughout the life of the device.

“Nextbase iQ is much more than the world’s best dash cam,” said Richard Browning, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Nextbase. “With roads statistically becoming less safe, vehicles less secure, longer vehicle ownership cycles and new car costs increasing, there is a real need for a product that delivers next-generation vehicle safety and security features to all drivers.”

By combining as many as three cameras that embrace AI-powered technology with out-of-the-box connectivity from T-Mobile, vehicle owners benefit from remote driver safety and vehicle security capabilities, such as live video and audio access and push notifications, whether they are behind the wheel or away from their vehicle.

Additionally, over-the-air updates powered by the MyNextbase Cloud, T-Mobile and the Ambarella AI Computer Vision Processor, the Nextbase iQ is expected to advance with additional features being added throughout the life of the product. Potential capabilities include AI-powered advanced driver assistance system features, driver monitoring systems, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and community incident awareness.

“Together with Nextbase, we have a huge opportunity to level the playing field for owners of any vehicle, of any age, model or spec," said Dan Thygesen, senior vice president of T-Mobile Wholesale and head of T-Mobile’s growing wholesale business. "Everyone deserves this level of safety and security.”

The Nextbase iQ is set to be available this spring with pricing starting under $500. Dedicated Nextbase service subscriptions are priced at under $10 per month.

Edited by Alex Passett
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