VicOne Secures Expanding Vehicle Attack Surface

By Greg Tavarez January 23, 2023

Traditional consumers may remember the days when all they needed to start a car is the key and maybe a key fob. Just as with cell phones and computers, vehicles are steadily extending into consumers’ digital lifestyles. This is seen with consumers using mobile phones for car keyless entry, navigation, e-commerce, EV charging, parking, social media and entertainment.

Anything digital does come with its risks, and the increasing preference for mobile phones over in-vehicle infotainment systems expands the attack surface of vehicles. A bad actor can hack and gain access to vehicles as well as access the vehicle owner’s sensitive information.

VicOne overcomes the potential risks that come with the attack surface of vehicles with its electronic car unit intrusion detection and prevention system, a smart cockpit security solution powered by xCarbon. The intelligent solution mitigates these potential risks by providing exceptional multilayered cybersecurity in OEMs’ mobile apps and IVI systems. It is also future-proof as xCarbon is bolstered with continuous threat intelligence, allowing the smart cockpit to always be ahead of imminent threats.

The robust software-based security agent, xCarbon, detects abnormal system activities and implements virtual patching to prevent exploits by enforcing multiple layers of security policies and rules. It also blocks unauthorized applications from running on an ECU by validating them through an approved application list.

xCarbon detects network threats and malicious communications with deep packet inspection to prevent system vulnerabilities from being exploited. Through virtual patching, xCarbon enforces attack signatures and security rules to let users protect their systems without changes.

“For future mobility, car makers need to focus on enhancing the user experience,” said Max Cheng, CEO of VicOne. “This includes evolving the in-vehicle interface to make the car an extension of a user’s mobile phone, while ensuring their customers’ data and privacy are protected.”

The attack surface of a vehicle is expanded, and VicOne’s automotive cybersecurity solutions address the expanding attack surface created by this new user behavior. OEMs also benefit. By investing in the mitigation of these risks, OEMs create future revenue streams by providing concerned car users with the level of cybersecurity they need as required.

Edited by Alex Passett
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