A Humble Abode: New Security Kit Offerings for a Safer Smart Home

By Alex Passett June 02, 2023

Let’s take a super quick survey.

Say you’re looking to build out a security system unique to your home (as millions of homeowners already have, given the rapidity of digital changes right in front of us).

Step 1: What are your requirements? Cameras? Interior and exterior security layouts?

Step 2: If yes, how many cameras, and where?

Step 3: What type of home are we talking about? (townhome, apartment, etc.)

Step 4: How many doors are outside-accessible? (As to leave no vulnerable entryways unprotected; same goes for windows.)

Step 5: Are you looking for professional monitoring, or self-monitoring capabilities?

And that’s all there is to it.

This is both the process and promise of Abode Systems, security provider for the DIY-inclined (aka “do-it-yourself”).

Abode has announced its newest, feature-packed solution: the Abode Security Kit.

Designed to be as flexible as it is affordable, this addition to the award-winning Abode service ecosystem provides entry-level means for customers in search of reliable home security. The three-piece kit includes the Abode Security Hub, one door/window sensor, and one key fob, and the kit can of course be expanded to suit more home protection needs.

Starting with the Abode Security Hub, users can expect intuitive setup and simple, in-app onboarding. With Wi-Fi, the Abode Security Hub’s accompanying app provides an easy-to-navigate way to control the system in its entirety. Via this Abode app, each of the opted-in accessory devices can be installed, and users can receive notifications of specific events (e.g. a delivery person waiting at the front door, a motion detected in the backyard, and so on). Through this app, the system can also be disarmed, device groups can be set up, and customizable automation options can be selected via the CUE automations engine.

Quick sidebar: CUE, which works on both computers and on mobile, is included with every Abode system and features guided setup, sunrise and sunset triggers, blackout periods to prevent inconvenient running times, and ability to fine-tune triggers. (For example, if you only want an alert if a door remains ajar for 10 seconds.) CUE is at the crux of what makes advanced automation from Abode more approachable.

Coupled with the door/window sensor solidified by current IoT standards (Internet of Things) and the fob for a security-in-your-hand type of peace of mind, the whole Abode Security Kit is also compatible with smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google Nest products like Nest Cams and Nest Thermostats.

Additional specs include:

  • Cellular backup for lost connectivity during a power outage
  • Battery backup to keep systems online during outages, as well
  • A built-in 93db siren
  • Detailed security event timelines provided within the Abode app
  • Smart person, package, and pet detection (all definable for each user’s distinct home environment)

"The new Abode Security Kit represents an evolution of our business and is a result of us listening to our potential and existing customers about what they want and need from a home security solution in an ever-evolving market," said Christopher Carney, Abode’s CEO.

"Since our inception, we've understood that home security is a paramount concern for all users, yet a steep upfront cost often presents a significant hurdle. This is magnified when more affordable hardware is offset by inflated monthly fees and rigid contractual obligations. At Abode's core, we stand for choice, flexibility, and value for our customers, which is why we're committed to delivering solutions that help ensure everyone is able to secure their homes effectively and economically."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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