Ayla Networks and Etisalat by e&: A Partnership to Strengthen Smart Home IoT

By Alex Passett June 13, 2023

Founded in 2010 as an IoT (Internet of Things) device agent company, Ayla Networks spent years evolving into a full-stack IoT solution mainstay comprising of hardware, reliable applications and the cloud. Today, Ayla Networks believes every physical asset across the globe will one day be cloud-connected, thus the company “aims to be the leading provider of the connectivity fabric and intelligent applications for IoT.” Known by many as a pioneer in the OEM and ISP space, Ayla Networks’ mission is to become the universal platform for interconnected smart devices and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements that deliver better business outcomes.

In a related global technologies vein, etisalat by e& (or “e · and”) – formerly known as Etisalat UAE (United Arab Emirates) – was first an Emirates telephone company as far back as 1976, and today is a telco services and investment group that operates in 16 countries. The reason etisalat by e& refreshed its brand (as of just last year) is simple: etisalat by e& has grown into a global player that, per the group itself, “is known for accelerating digitalization leadership, providing premium connectivity, and taking a holistic, digital-first approach to offerings that support customers in the progressive, hyper-connected digital world in which we live.” (And, in line with their rebranding, working to “share&connect” and “innovate&transform” to embody what e& means today.)

So, Ayla Networks in one hand, etisalat by e& in the other.

Put those hands together, and we get an Ayla-e& partnership.

As of last week, Ayla Networks announced that its IoT platform is the official foundation of etisalat by e&’s new high-end smart home solution. Since etisalat by e&’s growth has emboldened how the group approaches modern demands that extend beyond basic telecom services, having Ayla Networks’ IoT expertise at the center of this customer-centric smart home experience, etisalat by e& can deliver greater value via integrated IoT solutions “from leading brands such as Ring cameras, Yale locks, thermostats from Honeywell, and Philips Hue smart bulbs.”

Ayla Networks has also developed a “smart living app” for this etisalat by e& venture, which enables smart home device management with a variety of partnered brands and is compatible with the new Matter communication standard, a next-gen smart home protocol that uses a wireless technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), which Wi-Fi routers use to assign IP addresses to connected devices. For etisalat by e&, this ensures broader support for right-off-the-shelves smart home devices on the market today.

Per Jonathan Cobb, CEO of Ayla Networks:

“We are proud to have our platform selected for etisalat by e&’s cutting-edge smart home solution. Our dedication to delivering high-quality, user-friendly smart home solutions that started more than 13 years ago is reflected in this exciting partnership with etisalat by e&.”

And per Khaled El Khouly, etisalat by e&’s Chief Consumer Officer:

“The partnership with Ayla will add further value to our smart home solutions and services with its flexible cloud architecture and ability to support a variety of devices. This also brings a unified experience for all our customers driving smart connectivity and maximizing value creation with the latest digital technologies and solutions.”

Overall, Ayla Networks and etisalat by e& aim to take advantage of our “connectivity renaissance,” as it has been called, to further connect and enrich consumers’ digital services.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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