The Right Vision: ecobee's Smart Doorbell Camera Sees What Others Can't

By Alex Passett October 23, 2023

The “smart” connected homes of the future are on their way, and they’re already about a lot more than flashy, mainstream tech buzzwords. Connected homes should be, in a manner of speaking, chock-full with meaningful solutions that work so well together that they fade into the background, steadily becoming a healthy, modernized part of our lives. (And these solutions should improve how we, as a people, consume energy in order to create our sustainable future, together.)

That’s the vision of ecobee, a subsidiary of Generac Power Systems. After forming the right team of likeminded experts back in 2007, ecobee was founded by its CEO, Stuart Lombard. So, after launching its flagship ecobee Smart Thermostat family of products (which help smart homeowners save up to 26% on annual heating and cooling costs through advanced occupancy sensing technology), ecobee announced last week that it is debuting the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera.

In ecobee’s words, the Smart Doorbell Camera is “designed to see what others can’t, with an industry-leading vertical FOV, crystal clear vision during the day or night, and radar sensing technology for more accurate detection and smarter notifications.” The Smart Video Doorbell is built without a battery; this allows it to work in even the worst weather, as Lombard describes.

“We set out to make a doorbell camera that would truly stand apart from the rest,” he said. “One that could see what others can't – like visitors from head to toe, and even a small package resting right up against your door – and one that holds strong against extreme weather.”

“Our new Smart Doorbell Camera,” Lombard went on, “provides homeowners with the full picture; crystal-clear vision with an industry-leading 175° vertical FOV, plus low light vision and cinematic 1080p HD video for homeowners’ true peace of mind, right there at your doorstep.”

Moreover, the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera seamlessly integrates with ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium to show a live stream from the camera on the Smart Thermostat screen, a “first-of-its-kind integration between a smart thermostat and smart doorbell,” according to ecobee.

To round this out, additional Smart Doorbell Camera features include:

  • Answer the door from anywhere via the ecobee App, Apple Watch, or Smart Thermostat Premium.
  • ecobee Smart Security automatically records motions (i.e. people, animals, and package deliveries), and homeowners can set customized Activity Zones to have monitored more closely.
  • With ecobee two-factor authentication system, private customer information is always kept secure.
  • It is built with a machined-glass front and an aluminum alloy back casing.
  • IP65 waterproofing and dust protection, and it operates in temperatures ranging from -25 to 45°C (-13 to 113°F)

For more information on ecobee’s product line, visit here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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