Origin AI Raises $15.9M in Funding to Further Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing Capabilities

By Alex Passett January 10, 2024

Wi-Fi can do more with Origin.”

That’s the message fueling Origin Wireless AI, or simply Origin AI.

A smart home should symbolize comfort, security and strong connections (certainly in more ways than one). For a long time, Wi-Fi has played a huge part of that; it enables how we work, how we live and (again, certainly in a multi-fold way) how we connect with others. The phrase “Hey, is there Wi-Fi here?” or “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” have long since entered the cultural lexicon – I don’t mean to put Wi-Fi up on the biggest-ever pedestal here, but its myriad tiers of importance are definitely present in our lives.

This is why Origin does what it does; its Wi-Fi Sensing harnesses signals with centimeter accuracy, and the company’s overall platform of AI analytics engines now use Wi-Fi signals to detect and monitor a variety of moving targets that range from human motions (e.g. presence or absence in a space, falls and vital signs, sleeping patterns and more).

Recently, Origin celebrated a new leap when the company announced the successful completion of its latest $15.9 million Series B extension round (with Verisure as the round’s lead investor). Additional investors included Okinawa Electric Power Company, Verizon Ventures and INSPiRE.

Following the participation from these investors, respectively, Origin stated that this fresh capital will be strategically utilized to “broaden the company's product offerings and significantly grow commercial business, thereby providing further enhanced solutions to an even wider customer base.”

Cristina Rivas, Chief Technology Officer at Verisure, shared her enthusiasm for leading the investment in Origin AI, emphasizing the following:

“We are extremely pleased to lead the investment in Origin AI. We are impressed with the Origin AI team and their standard-setting technology. WiFi Sensing has an exciting potential to complement our security offering and support our mission to provide peace of mind to families and small businesses. As pioneers in our respective fields, we look forward to partnering with Origin AI across our geographical footprint"

Spencer Maid, CEO of Origin AI, also expressed clear gratitude for the trust and support from Verisure and all investors:

“We are immensely grateful for the trust and support from Verisure and all our investors. This funding empowers us to advance our mission of providing reliable, efficient, and innovative Wi-Fi Sensing solutions to customers worldwide.”

For more information on the power of Origin AI’s offerings, read here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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