Cubic Puts Connectivity Umbrella Over Europe, with Audi

By: Ken Briodagh    6/6/2016

Irish connectivity firm Cubic Telecom specializes in supplying connectivity across mobile operators, and, based on a recent announcement, the company'…

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New Vehicle Network to Help First Responders

By: Ken Briodagh    5/19/2016

John Oliver recently pilloried the 911 system for its inaccuracy and unreliability in remote areas. The point was not to poke fun at dispatchers or fi…

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IoT Time Podcast EP. 30 Teradata

By: Ken Briodagh    5/17/2016

In this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Dale Glover, Managing Director, business consulting at Teradata.

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Connected Car: Seat Sensors Monitor Riders for Safer Travel

By: Ken Briodagh    5/12/2016

In the consumer connected car space, more is definitely what's needed. More testing, more safety, more data and more use cases. All of that will be re…

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Big IoT Brands Join Linux Movement for Connected Car

By: Ken Briodagh    5/11/2016

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a collaborative open source project within the Linux Foundation working on a common, Linux-based software stack for th…

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What is Vehicle-to-Everything and How Will it Help?

By: Special Guest    5/5/2016

The auto industry is looking to the new world of technology to solve the problem - V2X is being hailed as a life saver.

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Vehicle-to-Everything Technology Will Be a Life Saver

By: Special Guest    4/27/2016

A massive consumer-focused industry like automobiles is up close and personal with people -- so up close that safety and driver protection from harm a…

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Faurecia and Kepware: A New Door to the IoT Gateway

By: Chrissie Cluney    4/22/2016

The automotive industry is feeling the pressure to derive better data throughout its supply chain.

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Kansas City Shows Off Supply Chain Plan for Smart City

By: Ken Briodagh    4/11/2016

The Kansas City SmartPort freight-based economic development organization hosted Microsoft's head of supply chain management at its annual industry br…

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ORBCOMM Solar Solution to Track Brown Integrated Logistics Fleet

By: Ken Briodagh    4/7/2016

ORBCOMM, a global provider of IoT solutions, has announced a deal with Brown Integrated Logistics to implement its solar-powered asset tracking soluti…

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Partnership Brings IoT into Auto Manufacturing

By: Ken Briodagh    3/24/2016

The word of the month is 'partnership' it seems. And that is nothing but good news. The IoT needs its partnerships if it is to succeed. It pays to pla…

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IoT Time Podcast Ep. 12 Richard Childress Racing

By: Ken Briodagh    3/3/2016

In this episode of the IoT Time podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Dr. Eric Warren, Director of Competition, Richard Childress Racing

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MWC News: Over a Million Connected Vehicles Roll onto European IoT Control Center Platform

By: Ken Briodagh    3/2/2016

Jasper, a global IoT platform provider, and POST Luxembourg, Luxembourg's national telecommunications services operator, has announced their combined …

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IoT of Beer: Brewing Industry Uses IoT to Make Beer Better

By: Ken Briodagh    3/1/2016

The freshness and safety of food is paramount to the survival of a modern society. This truth has lead to the establishment of laws like the Food Safe…

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Nokia Showcases LTE for Smart City Drones

By: Ken Briodagh    2/8/2016

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), as drones are properly called, have real world IoT applications outside of the hobbyist community and most of them fall…

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IoT Time Podcast Ep 8 Kika Enterprises and Polaris eBikes

By: Ken Briodagh    2/4/2016

In this episode of the IoT Time podcast, Ken Briodagh, sits down at IoT Evolution Expo with Austin Higdon of Polaris eBikes and Jon Shapiro of Kika En…

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IoT Time Podcast Ep 5 Intertek

By: Ken Briodagh    1/25/2016

In this episode of the IoT Time podcast, Ken Briodagh interviews Matt Nelson, Business Development Manager, Intertek.

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2016 Predictions: The Rise of the Smart and Connected Community

By: Ken Briodagh    1/22/2016

It looks like Smart City and Smart Transportation are becoming ever more linked, as traffic efficiency and Smart Grid and Smart Buildings and connecte…

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DOT and NHTSA Issue Support Statement for Connected Vehicles

By: Ken Briodagh    1/14/2016

The US DOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today issued a joint statement offering support for the development of Automated Vehicle…

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Revving Up the Engines at CES with Connected Transportation Solutions

By: Ken Briodagh    1/11/2016

So much of CES was IoT, they ought to have just waited 2 weeks and joined us in Florida for the IoT Evolution Expo, January 25 to 28. One of the highl…

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