Safely On the Road Again: Quantum Interface

By: Chrissie Cluney    12/30/2015

At the upcoming 2016 CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, Quantum Interface will introduce two new products, the Automotive Heads up Display (HUD) and …

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The Key to the Connected Truck is Open Technology

By: Special Guest    12/23/2015

There is an ongoing debate within the trucking industry regarding whether a closed or open approach to technology delivers the greatest value for truc…

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Autonomous Vehicles Being Reviewed for Public Deployment in California

By: Ken Briodagh    12/22/2015

As autonomous vehicles get ever closer to road worthiness, California, where the cars are closer to the public road than anywhere else, is developing …

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How a Connected Car Would Deliver Compelling Experiences

By: Special Guest    12/21/2015

As car manufacturers embrace connected car technology, the car entertainment system becomes a "thing" that capable of communicating with other devices…

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WayRay: Introduces First Holographic Navigation System to the U.S.

By: Chrissie Cluney    12/15/2015

Have you ever gotten so lost that a map or GPS couldn't help? Or have you ever taken your eyes off the road for a split second to look at directions?

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Do Truckers Need to Update Their Cabs or their Trailers?

By: Carl Ford    12/15/2015

Anyone driving on an interstate highway can get the impression that trucking is a consolidated business.

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Paperless Gets Trucking

By: Carl Ford    12/10/2015

On December 10 the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adopted the Final Rule that will employ technology …

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Ericsson and Inmarsat Join Forces to Transform the Connected Ship

By: Ken Briodagh    11/24/2015

Despite how much air traffic there is all around the globe, most international goods are still, quite literally, shipped. On ships. Which represents a…

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Cubic Launches Multi-National LTE Connected Car Network to Link Europe

By: Ken Briodagh    11/19/2015

If connected cars are going to be a global phenomenon, as has been predicted, leading to a fully autonomous consumer transportation fleet, the biggest…

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IoT Editor's Day Silicon Valley: KPMG Likes Connected Car Space, CRM, Education Tech

By: Paula Bernier    11/17/2015

Jules Walker has been tasked with helping KPMG identify the next Google or Facebook and bringing them in as a client. So Walker, director of the ventu…

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Study Causes More Concern About Self-Driving Cars

By: Kayla Matthews    11/13/2015

Self-driving vehicles may not be as safe after all, if a recent study is to be believed. According to researchers from the University of Michigan's Tr…

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Fleet Telematics: Some Resources for Learning from Machina and Aeris

By: Special Guest    11/12/2015

For the vehicle telematics industry, these two companies are putting as much intelligence out into the field as they can, so it's best that you dig in…

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Top 3 Ways Technology Makes Traveling Easier

By: Special Guest    11/4/2015

If you compare activities at an airport today to an airport scene from a "Mad Men" episode, both would feature harried business travelers lugging thei…

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Auto Insurance Taps into IoT for ROI

By: Ken Briodagh    11/3/2015

In a new report from BI Intelligence, it appears that auto insurers are leveraging the power of the IoT to monitor the safety of drivers and they are …

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Emergency Responders to Use IoT Data to Improve Response Times

By: Ken Briodagh    10/28/2015

If the IoT can't make the critical functions of society more efficient and effective, why, I wonder, are we bothering with connected curling irons and…

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Oh, Canada! My Smart Supply Chain Rules

By: Carl Ford    10/9/2015

I wanted to take the time to talk about an experience I had the other week in Canada. I was on a scenic Rocky Mountain train ride without wireless and…

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AT&T Will Improve Your Morning Commute

By: Special Guest    9/30/2015

Rush hour traffic is a pain point we've all experienced. The average American commuter spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic. That's almost two days…

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Avionics Systems Certification Gets Easier

By: Ken Briodagh    9/29/2015

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), an IIoT connectivity platform company, on September 29 released a DO-178C Level A certification package for Connext DDS C…

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AT&T and Jaguar Land Rover Enter Agreement to Connect Vehicles

By: Ken Briodagh    9/10/2015

AT&T and Jaguar Land Rover North America are bringing high speed internet to Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the United States and Canada as a part of a…

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HP and Cubic Team Up to Load Connected Car for Epic Race

By: Ken Briodagh    9/10/2015

There is about to be a race across the world. A team of drivers in a Volkswagen Touareg will drive 11,800 miles from the Cape of Norway in the north t…

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