Paradox and Tinynode Merge to Build Smart Ecosystem

By: Ken Briodagh    5/12/2015

Swiss technology company, Paradox Engineering, and Tinynode, maker of wireless vehicle detection systems, are now joined to create an extended Smart C…

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IoT Solution Set to Save Teens Lives

By: Ken Briodagh    5/6/2015

Octo Telematics announced on May 5 that it has created a new automotive telematics platform, called Try&Drive. The new platform has been chosen by Roc…

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Freightliner Licenses First Autonomous Commercial Truck in Nevada

By: Doug Mohney    5/6/2015

Nevada has granted the first license for an autonomous commercial truck to operate on an open public highway in the U.S. Governor Brian Sandoval screw…

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Connected Vehicle Disruptions

By: Doug Mohney    5/4/2015

With each wave of new technology, there are always winners and losers. The Internet has impacted paper mail, voice phone calls, television and news in…

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New Report Outlines Future for Autonomous Cars

By: Ken Briodagh    5/1/2015

The first step toward true driverless transportation is driver assistance technology, already becoming part of the mainstream with park assistance and…

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EU Parliament Calls for All Cars to Have Emergency Call Devices by 2018

By: Ken Briodagh    4/30/2015

In a new resolution, the European parliament on April 28 decreed that all new car and light van models must have built-in automatic emergency call dev…

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Connected Cars to Help Grow Larger IoT Through IBM and Peugeot

By: Ken Briodagh    4/23/2015

French automaker Peugeot Citroen has partnered with IBM to bring new IoT solutions to market faster. These solutions will help several industries with…

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Wind River Brings New Solutions to Autonomous Vehicle Problems

By: Ken Briodagh    4/22/2015

The end game of connected automotive development is widely accepted to be fully autonomous vehicles and on April 21, Wind River, a software developer …

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BT Hacks Cars to Enhance Security

By: Ken Briodagh    4/20/2015

On April 20, communication services provider BT announced that it has created a new security service designed to test the vulnerability of connected v…

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Orange Buys Ocean to Dominate with M2M-Enabled Fleet

By: Ken Briodagh    4/16/2015

French firm Orange Business Services on April 16 announced that it will purchase fleet management company Ocean and create a more than 100,000-vehicle…

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Smart Auto Takes Step Forward with Consumer-Controlled Diagnostics

By: Ken Briodagh    4/13/2015

SK Telecom in Seoul, South Korea on April 13 released a new M2M smart car solution to regulate and monitor a car's onboard computer and sensors with a…

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How the Connected Car Will Save (and Lose) Lives

By: Doug Mohney    4/8/2015

The move to fully autonomous vehicles on the highways is happening more rapidly than anyone could imagine a decade ago.

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Automotive 2025: It's not Uber Alles.

By: Carl Ford    4/8/2015

IBM did a survey of executives in the automotive space making predictions for 2020 which they are updating now to predict where the auto industry will…

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Connected Cars are in the Fast Lane, and Early Adopters Can't Wait

By: Ken Briodagh    4/7/2015

The IEEE, a professional organization of technological innovators, announced on April 7 the results of a recent survey of 3,000 tech enthusiasts predi…

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China Flexes M2M Muscles in Connected Transportation

By: Ken Briodagh    4/6/2015

China is the global economic juggernaut for the foreseeable future, and anyone who says differently is selling something. Not to rest on their giganti…

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