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Matthew Vulpis

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Matt Vulpis is currently a senior at Quinnipiac University, where he majors in Journalism and minors in Sports Studies. Graduating this upcoming Spring, Matt has spent his time in college immersing himself in the world of sports media, gaining valuable experience for his career to come. He’s written articles for the schools newspaper, The QU Chronicle, as well as announced games for the school’s sports network, QBSN. An avid fan of writing in general, Matt is also passionate about screenwriting, which stems from his love of films and TV shows. While he’s excited to jump into a career in sports media, he does hope to one day possibly pivot to the film industry, in hopes of having a television show produced. He lives in Cheshire, Connecticut during the school year, and resides at home on Long Island with his family during the rest of the year.


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