AT&T and VeriSolutions Bring Connected Dining

By Ken Briodagh December 07, 2016

IoT has a huge role to play in food safety. In a recent release, VeriSolutions and AT&T have announced that they will team up to automate and help simplify compliance with food safety guidelines for restaurants. VeriSolutions’ platform features a temperature monitoring solution that uses AT&T IoT technology to gain insight into equipment.

At a time when food safety is in the spotlight, operators are looking for smart solutions to help ensure customer safety and protect their brand. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in six, or 48 million, people each year get sick from contaminated food in the United States.

 The VeriSolutions temperature monitoring platform consists of:

•       Sensors with an embedded AT&T Global SIM that collect temperature and humidity data.

•       A data analytics hub that collects and aggregates sensor information.

•       A user interface, powered by AT&T Control Center, that monitors the sensors, provides near real-time diagnostics and provisioning, and sends alerts, notifications and reports on their activity.

With the connected restaurant solution, employees can:

•       Take immediate action on unusual sensor activity – saving time, money and, most importantly, help prevent food contamination.

•       Be alerted to problems, like malfunctioning refrigeration and food spoilage

•       Benefit from automated compliance of the traditionally manual process for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System, which is designed to address end-to-end food safety.

•       Spend time on customer experience, not logging temperatures.

In Georgia, the White Columns Country Club, part of ClubCorp, the largest owner and operator of private golf and country clubs in the U.S., is leveraging the solution to improve operations and enhance customer safety.

“VeriSolutions has simplified temperature logging and reporting,” said Josh Carden, executive chef, White Columns. “I show the health inspector daily reports with readings in regular intervals. She thinks it is spectacular. I love that it saves me several hours per week in logging.”

Everyone knows good, fresh food is key to a restaurant’s success. Most don’t know the measures restaurant managers must take to ensure customers have the best quality.

“One of the worst things for a restaurant owner is arriving that day to find their walk-in refrigerator has malfunctioned,” said Mat Barnwell, VP, Sales, VeriSolutions. “With our connected solution, they are notified when the cooler temperature is out of threshold range– helping prevent a loss of thousands of dollars worth of inventory.”

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