Let's Move: IoT's Big Payoff May Be Logistics and Facilities Management


After a decade of exciting IoT innovations, from wearables to GPS-enabled shoes, from smart watches to smart doorbells, are we at the threshold of the real, scalable IoT?

The IoT that sits behind the scenes, making businesses more profitable, making the complex simple and making the mundane more automated may be the key to reaping the real rewards as the “hype cycle” settles down into a more predictable, sensible ordinary yet extraordinary way of getting work done.

Microshare and Senet’s announcement this week at the IoT Evolution World Expo in Orlando reminded us that while a “theme park” like Walt Disney World is important to draw people in, the real economy and real profits are all the basic businesses in place around the thrill rides: airline tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms – commodities that move and house people drawn in by the fantasy world of the unreal.

Facilities management and logistics are the domain of data scientists and address the down-to-earth opportunities to improve how things work, driving down costs and improving yields, but few companies have figured out how to combine instrumented “things” with data and analytics, which is where the rubber meets the road for enterprises serious about ROI on disruptive tech.

Senet and Microshare this week announced at IoT Evolution World’s Expo that they are combining their ability to sense and analyze connected things to create a more end-to-end solution for the facilities management and logistics markets.

Senet provides “cloud-based software”, global connectivity service platforms and network buildout for the IoT, while Microshare offers data sharing and governance, with “smart facilities” management and logistics management sensor technology, which controls the flow of information including granular data from many end-points leading into automation and more.

Microshare serves property owners, managers, facilities management providers, tenants and supply chain coordinators software-based solutions designed to control environments, including distributed physical properties, like multiple dwelling units (MDUs), commercial buildings (offices) and public spaces (malls and transportation hubs).

The data Microshare’s facilities platform collects unlocks a number of applications in the facilities management world, from better orchestration of staff and contractors to controlling costs, avoiding legal liabilities, improving relations with vendors and tenants and generally informing future lease and contract terms. Knowledge is power.

Microshare’s logistics solution enables granular tracking, maintenance, depreciation and other leveraging of transportation vehicles, physical plant, infrastructure and other elements of the supply chain, “transforming inert assets into networked sources of intelligence and revenue.”

“The volume of data generated by IoT devices, including sensor readings, device status and metadata is increasing exponentially as IoT solutions are being deployed at scale,” said John Nye, vice president of business development at Senet. “Building partnerships with companies like Microshare provides customers with the opportunity to identify and leverage IoT data that is most critical to their businesses and monetize IoT data in ways that can provide a distinct competitive advantage.

“This is the kind of partnership that is helping move IoT from the drawing board to reality in many companies,” said Ron Rock, CEO of Microshare. “Our goal is to help companies go beyond merely saving a bit of operational budget and to unleash the revenue potential of the data they can generate internally. That means partnering with leaders like Senet to help define the data standards of the emerging IoT economy.”

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Contributing Writer

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