Tricky Lawns, Begone: AI-Powered LawnMeister Lawn Care Robot Debuted by Heisenberg Robotics

By Alex Passett January 17, 2023

“Say my name...”

“… Heisenberg Robotics.”

“You’re god**** right.”

Okay, so it’s not the exact quote from the iconic Breaking Bad drama series, but it’s still a solid segue into this coverage of a recent announcement from Heisenberg Robotics, the Shenzhen-based designer and manufacturer of robots with advanced AI for smart lawn maintenance and gardening.

Heisenberg Robotics showcased a new LawnMeister product, a robotic lawn mower featuring Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS) which uses the company’s robotic vision and onboard AI to smartly mow all types of lawns. Automatic 3D mapping, route-planning and object avoidance may not have been considerations 10 or 20 years ago when cutting grass, but they certainly are now.

With a sleek, low-to-the-ground modular design, the LawnMeister is also capable of performing edge trimming, leaf blowing, fertilizing and even driveway sweeping, and using it is quite uncomplicated. With a single press of a button in the accompanying Heisenberg smartphone app, achieving a well-manicured lawn without needless labor is made possible.

As Heisenberg Robotics details, the LawnMeister accurately measures and memorizes the shape of your lawn after just one walkthrough. It then sets up virtual boundaries before arranging its optimal path. As it begins, the LawnMeister adjusts its cutting height and range (i.e.  3-9 centimeters and 4,000 square meters per day) and gets to work, powered by dual 5Ah lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged via its charging dock. The LawnMeister is also waterproof in cases of inclement weather or when it’s being washed and, if left outside too long by mistake, its anti-theft system locks it down automatically. (The same goes for any off chance the robot leaves the mapped property unexpectedly.) In such a case, the app notifies its user so its location can be tracked for quick retrieval.

Lastly, for those duly considering safety, the LawnMeister’s object avoidance isn’t all. It was also built with strategically positioned blades, as well as a motor control system and drivetrain integrated with multiple safety sensors.

"When it comes to robotic lawn mowers,” said Ethan Qian, CMO of Heisenberg Robotics, “we have yet to see a simple-to-use product that offers a complete lawn care solution. LawnMeister is designed to be intelligent, reliable and, most importantly, ready to use out of the box. No installation required. It's a product for anyone looking for smarter lawn care, whether you are a lawn care enthusiast or someone who just wants to spend more time with friends and family. With LawnMeister, mowing has never been so easy."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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