Future of Garage Security Arrives with Smart Garage Video Keypad by myQ

By Greg Tavarez June 08, 2023

The garage door is one of the more frequently used doors in any home. It’s common knowledge. Adults of the household open the garage door to enter and park their vehicles or to gain easier access to the outdoor areas with any yardwork tools they have stored in the garage. Kids tend to use the garage door to grab their sports equipment, bicycles, skateboards and any other outdoor equipment before going out to play with friends.

With the frequent use of garage doors, it would make sense to beef up security and have the door watched at all times – similar to the Ring video doorbells placed outside front doors. The myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad, a recent smart home innovation from the Chamberlain Group, does exactly that, and more.

A cross between a video doorbell and a garage keypad, the Smart Garage Video Keypad revolutionizes home security and convenience. It enables homeowners to have complete control over garage access, regardless of their location. By utilizing the myQ app, users monitor the comings and goings of family members, friends and even extended family. Additionally, they can manage and control access for service providers and dog walkers with ease.

When a call is made through the keypad, homeowners receive a myQ notification. With a tap, they can access a live video stream and engage in two-way communication with the caller. Homeowners also can remotely open the garage door using the myQ app to grant instant entry.

Featuring a built-in camera, the Smart Garage Video Keypad detects motion in less than 500 milliseconds, providing an expansive 160-degree field-of-view, ensuring awareness of individuals approaching the garage from the driveway. Immediate notifications are received when the garage is accessed, and alerts are provided for any unusual activity.

"Over the past 10 years, millions of homes have added a video doorbell to their front door, letting homeowners see and interact with visitors," said Jackie Lorenty, Chamberlain Group's executive vice president, residential services and international. "However, in most homes, family members enter through the garage door. The Smart Garage Video Keypad provides peace of mind for your real ‘front door’ with continuous monitoring and secure access control."

Part of the myQ Smart Access Ecosystem, pairing the Smart Garage Video Keypad with a myQ connected garage door opener enhances control and convenience. Homeowners can effortlessly open or close the garage door from anywhere using the app, eliminating the need for PIN codes.

Additionally, existing myQ technology can be easily integrated with LiftMaster and Chamberlain smart garage door openers or other leading opener brands by utilizing a myQ Smart Garage Control device. By downloading the myQ app and following a few simple steps, homeowners can achieve a comprehensive smart home access solution. 

"The Video Keypad is a must-have smart home product that's especially helpful for busy families," said Lorenty. "My kids often fail to text me when they get home. Reliable myQ notifications take the place of forgetful texts and eliminate any worries around the kids getting home safely."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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