Through Fog, a Clear Solution: Enviroblind and Essence Group Supply Peace of Mind with MyShield

By Alex Passett January 03, 2024

“Increase your security, comfort, privacy and style,” is what California security shutter installer company Enviroblind embodies. And if major events over the last four years alone have indicated much, increasing real-world environments’ securities and emboldening both consumers’ and enterprises’ senses of comfort and privacy are very much must-haves. (With style often seen as a great bonus, of course.)

From shield-like polycarbonate security glass door and window solutions that stop smash-and-grab theft (while preventing costly window replacements) to their signature rolling shutters – durable protections that glide easily into place when they’re needed and retract into an overhead panel box when they aren’t – Enviroblind provides crime-deterring security, barriers for fire protection, storm and wind protection, energy-saving opportunities via solar shade options, light control, noise control and more.

But as this article’s title denotes, Enviroblind is but one half of this story. The other half involves Essence Group, a collection of three companies that share a single purpose: Solve real-life problems with novel technologies and first-class business support for service providers in communication, healthcare and security industries. Essence Group provides innovative and business-friendly connected living solutions powered by IoT.

So, let’s put these two together.

Around the turn of the new year, Essence Group announced a partnership with Enviroblind. Together, the two offer a standalone security application that generates fog as part of an intruder intervention system for both business and residential customers:


MyShield is an all-in-one, LTE-M-connected intruder detection and intervention security fog generator. MyShield is ideal for securing the safety of a family’s home, a business’s premises, you name it. When MyShield detects an intrusion, users can easily verify who has entered the property. If the person entering is a threat, a veil of smoke can be created to proactively ward them off. (Notably, this fog is harmless in terms of contact and inhalation, but is made to very quickly disorient so further action may be taken.)

More specifics: MyShield utilizes cellular IoT networks and can be used as a standalone app-based solution, or integrated into existing security and professional monitoring systems. This easy-to-install, battery-powered system includes an integrated passive infrared motion (PIR) detector, a high-definition video camera with recording capabilities, and two-way voice communication to ensure verification prior to deployment. Multiple MyShield solutions can also be daisy-chained together to cover multiple rooms and larger areas.

"The security landscape is constantly evolving with new challenges arising every day,” said James Frazier, General Manager of Enviroblind. “At Enviroblind, we are committed to offering solutions that make our customers feel safe and secure knowing their home or business is equipped with the most advanced security technology to stave off threats. That’s why we are thrilled to be offering MyShield alongside Essence Group and our existing security products to enhance customer safety like never before.”

"We are excited to expand our U.S.-based partnerships by providing customers with a comprehensive security approach that combines proactive intrusion response with intervention capabilities to effectively stop break-ins," said Dr. Haim Amir, Essence Group’s CEO. "Through our collaboration with Enviroblind, business and residential property owners will now be able to stop intruders from penetrating vulnerable points of entry. MyShield empowers individuals to bolster their security measures by safely removing threats quickly and from a distance for added peace of mind."

For further details about this remotely triggered, smoke-generating security device (e.g. its verification system, HD camera, voice announcement capabilities and more), read here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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