Using the "edge" to achieve competitive advantage

By: Special Guest    8/3/2015

Everyone's talking about the impact of Internet of Things, but how can businesses really benefit from all the data obtained by connected devices?

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IBM Acquires Compose to Expand Cloud Data Services

By: Ken Briodagh    7/30/2015

IBM has made a move on the cloud service space with the recent acquisition of San Mateo, California-based Compose, a privately held company that provi…

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Making the Most of Edge Analytics

By: Special Guest    7/16/2015

The emerging Internet of Everything (IoE) is connecting a new wave of devices - from industrial sensors and wearable devices to retail cameras - to th…

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Cloud Ecosystem Set to Help Devs Compete in Fog Solutions Market

By: Ken Briodagh    7/13/2015

The IoT playground is getting ever more crowded, and now that the big kids like Cisco and Oracle are coming to play in a big way in the Fog Computing …

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IIoT Gets an Upgrade with Smart Sensor Interface

By: Ken Briodagh    7/10/2015

The growth of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is critical to the success of the larger IoT industry, in that industrial companies will form the backbone of …

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Connecting to the Cloud with 'Visual Wiring'

By: Ken Briodagh    6/30/2015

Building scalable and reliable M2M applications seems like it should be easy, but in reality, it is practically and technically difficult. Key require…

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Interdependency of IOT and Cloud Computing

By: Special Guest    6/25/2015

Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are the technologies taking the world by storm. The surprising thing was their interdependence.

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Cisco Intercloud Fabric Makes iland's Cloud Solutions Available Globally

By: Michael Guta    6/9/2015

Increasingly, cloud is proving to be the best option not only for the IoT, but also for the delivery of virtually every IT solution individual consume…

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Telit Taps Partner to Build Big Data Solution

By: Ken Briodagh    6/1/2015

It's hard to overestimate the importance of analytics and Big Data in the IoT. Without well-designed and automated analytics solutions, the flood of d…

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'PingPong' Edge Platform Ties Field to the Cloud

By: Ken Briodagh    5/26/2015

Round Solutions, an IoT engineering and service firm, launched its wireless PingPong IoT edge node platform for connecting field devices to the cloud.…

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Predixion Software Brings Advanced Analytics to the Edge

By: Ken Briodagh    5/14/2015

The power of fog computing is its ability to let enterprises make mission-critical decisions faster and closer to the edge. A sensor network is only a…

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Huawei Supports Big Data and Internet of Things with New Server

By: Clayton Hamshar    5/12/2015

Huawei and SAP are continuing to strengthen their relationship with the former company's recent launch of its Appliance for Large Database in support …

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Wheelings & Dealings: PTC Expands IoT Power

By: Ken Briodagh    5/6/2015

PTC is rapidly positioning itself as a major player in the IoT marketplace, and two announcements this week are helping to solidify that stance, espec…

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Intelligent IoT Platform Supports Big Data, Analytics in Real Time

By: Ken Briodagh    4/29/2015

Decisyon, maker of Decisyon 360, a platform for building intelligent IoT solutions, announced its new version of the analytics manager on April 28. Th…

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New Study Says IoT Needs Datacenter Advancement, or Else

By: Ken Briodagh    4/28/2015

We're about to have a problem, according to a study released by IDC on April 27. The study, Impact of Internet of Things on Datacenter Demand and Oper…

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New Ethernet Switch Brings Devices into the IoT Edge

By: Ken Briodagh    4/21/2015

The IoT is just an idea with very little meaning without a way to connect devices with each other and with the cloud. Those connections live at the Ed…

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Microsoft Brings Azure Service into Cloud Services

By: Ken Briodagh    4/21/2015

The IoT hinges on the cloud and the operations that go on at the edge. That's where the data lives between collection and action, and now Microsoft's …

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Machine Learning at the Edge is the Future of the IoT

By: Ken Briodagh    4/20/2015

Data is a bit like Midas' gold. You want it, but the price is pretty heavy. The cost of mining all that data gold from your IoT sensors is that it's m…

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C-Labs Delivers New IoT Cloud Capabilities

By: Ken Briodagh    4/13/2015

Industrial automation is a key goal for IoT developers, and at Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade show, connectivity software provid…

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Analytics Evolving to the Edge, Leading Data to Reach 1.6 Zettabytes by 2020, Study Says

By: Ken Briodagh    4/10/2015

By the end of the decade, says a recent study by ABI research called "Edge Analytics in IoT," M2M and other IoT-enabled devices will likely have colle…

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