How the Internet of Things Will Clear the Road for Electric Vehicles

By: Special Guest    5/9/2023

But with IoT and other enabling technology continuing to evolve, it's becoming much easier to see the future of EVs in our headlights.

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ECOVACS ROBOTICS: Smart Needs for Homes with Pets

By: Alex Passett    5/8/2023

Smart service robotics provider ECOVACS ROBOTICS has been busy, as of late. Their DEEBOT, WINBOT, and Home App solutions are great for taking care of …

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Is Vertical Farming the Future of Agriculture? How the Siemens-Infinite Acres Partnership is Future-Proofing Sustainability

By: Alex Passett    5/5/2023

Siemens Netherlands and Infinite Acres (part of 80 Acre Farms) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on jointly opening a multi-part vertica…

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Somfy's New Smart Home Products Benefit from Zigbee 3.0 Technology

By: Alex Passett    5/1/2023

Somfy, a manufacturer of motorization solutions from smart homes, will be launching a new Zigbee 3.0-integrated line of technologies.

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IoT Building Blocks: How Renesas is Accelerating IoT Prototyping

By: Alex Passett    4/27/2023

Renesas Electronics Corporation's Quick-Connect Studio for hardware and software development is available now to improve processes for engineers.

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Everynet Partners with AWS to Provide LoRaWAN Connectivity for Simplified IoT Deployments

By: Alex Passett    4/26/2023

LoRaWAN provider Everynet and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have officially partnered to offer more robust and accessible LoRaWAN connectivity.

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An Elevated Investment: Bear Robotics, M2MTech, and the IoT Elevator Market

By: Alex Passett    4/25/2023

Bear Robotics' Servi Lift provides a reliable delivery experience, courtesy of its elevator integration from Korea-based M2MTech. This allows it to ma…

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Real-Time Shipment Visibility: A Must-Have Feature for Supply Chain Professionals

By: Alex Passett    4/24/2023

A recent survey from Tive has shed light on the current state of supply chain visibility and the transparency challenges that professionals face.

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Meet Tally: BJ's and Simbe Roll Out Tally AI to Improve Club Experiences

By: Alex Passett    4/20/2023

BJ's Wholesale Club recently announced its partnership with Simbe by preparing to roll out the latter's business intelligence solution, Tally. Tally w…

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Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Through IoT

By: TMC    4/19/2023

The UN estimates that the global population will likely reach 9.7 billion by 2050, resulting in a 69% rise in global agricultural production between 2…

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A Story of S's: Sentinel, Sidewalk, and Supply Chain Optimization

By: Alex Passett    4/10/2023

With OnAsset's Sentinel 200, shippers can gain smarter insights on the final-mile delivery steps of critical asset shipments.

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Quectel's New KG100S Module is Compatible with Amazon Sidewalk

By: Alex Passett    4/6/2023

Quectel has revealed its KG100S module for Amazon Sidewalk; a low-power, cost-effective module that supports Sidewalk applications for smarter IoT.

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Zipline Announces 'Zip' Drones for Precise, Autonomous Deliveries

By: Alex Passett    3/31/2023

Zipline's "Zip" delivery drones are next-gen, virtually silent machines that are expected to deliver up to seven times faster than traditional automob…

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KORE Wireless Group Acquires Twilio's IoT Division

By: Alex Passett    3/27/2023

KORE Wireless Group, a MVNO, announced that it signed a deal to acquire the IoT division of the customer engagement platform and programmable communic…

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Quectel's New CC200A-LB Satellite Module, Reliable and Ready for a Wide Range of IoT Applications

By: Alex Passett    3/24/2023

Quectel has launched its CC200A-LB satellite module, which is designed to provide reliable global connectivity at a cost-effective price point, making…

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'Hello' from Quectel's New Wi-Fi HaLow Module, Launched for Improved Indoor and Outdoor IoT

By: Alex Passett    3/23/2023

Quectel launched its IEE 802.11ah wireless networking protocol, known as Wi-Fi HaLow, for augmented IoT applications both indoors and outdoors.

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The Future of IoT Core and Debating Build vs. Buy Options

By: Matthew Vulpis    3/23/2023

With large third-party providers sunsetting their IoT solutions, the time is now for organizations to make the choice to either build or buy.

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Keyfactor Joins the CSA to Deepen IoT Connectivity and Secure Digital Trust

By: Alex Passett    3/21/2023

As the latest member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), software company and IoT identity platform Keyfactor looks to better tap into the u…

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A New Standard for Satellite IoT Connectivity: An emnify-Skylo Partnership

By: Alex Passett    3/20/2023

emnify recently announced that it will collaborate with Skylo. This will allow customers to use 3GPP Rel-17 NTN-compliant radio user equipment for ter…

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Kudelski IoT Provides Secure Services to Manufacturers Adopting Matter

By: Alex Passett    3/15/2023

Kudelski IoT, a division of the Kudelski Group, announced that it is providing a vast array of security services and technologies to IoT manufacturers…

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Pollen Systems' PrecisionView Mobile Brings Mobile IoT to Farming

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/15/2023

Pollen Systems, an Esri Business Partner, recently demonstrated its new PrecisionView Mobile solution, built on the new ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift. By …

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HPE's Aruba is Collaborating with reelyActive and Microsoft Azure to Enhance IoT Workload Migrations

By: Alex Passett    3/14/2023

Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) and reelyActive have created an in-tandem IoT solution for workload migrations to Microsoft Azur…

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Quectel Launches New IoT Connectivity Offering for European Market

By: Alex Passett    3/13/2023

Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, announced a new offering for simplified IoT deployments across Europe.

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SAS and CyberProtonics: Embedding Quantum-Resistant Encryption for Nanosatellites and Ground Terminals

By: Alex Passett    3/13/2023

Sky and Space Company (SAS) has partnered with CyberProtonics to bolster the security of its fleet of nanosatellites and ground terminals.

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LTIMindtree Announces New Delivery Center in Krakow, Poland

By: Alex Passett    3/10/2023

Multinational information technology consulting and solutions provider LTIMindtree expanded its operations to a new facility in Krakow, Poland, thus f…

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Guardforce AI Secures Innovative AIoT 'Robot Advertising' Contract in Macau

By: Alex Passett    3/9/2023

Guardforce AI signed an AIoT robot advertising contract with a local government office in Macau for a 20-week period.

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Google Approved as a Promoter Member of the MIPI Alliance

By: Alex Passett    3/8/2023

Google's Neil Hendin joined the MIPI Alliance's Board of Directors to help guide the future direction of mobile-influenced technologies in IoT, automo…

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Digi International Releases Cellular Connectivity Bundles

By: Stefania Viscusi    3/7/2023

UScellular and Digi International are working together to provide an affordable solution that helps businesses with better service and cellular connec…

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New Smart Level Monitoring Solution from Actility, Pepperl + Fuchs, and

By: Alex Passett    3/7/2023

Three IoT solutions providers - Actility, Pepperl + Fuchs, and - have come together to create a new smart level monitoring and management so…

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GSA Reports Strong Numbers for Private Mobile Networks Worldwide

By: Alex Passett    3/7/2023

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirmed in late February that more than 1,000 organizations are deploying LTE or 5G Private Mobile Net…

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LoRaWAN Abroad: How the U.S. Can Stand to Learn

By: Bill Yates    3/6/2023

Recently, a group of serious professionals gathered to learn about and discuss the importance of protocols used to formulate LPWAs. Titled "LoRaWAN Ar…

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Ericsson and Aeris Demonstrate New Combined IoT Innovations

By: Stefania Viscusi    3/6/2023

Ericsson and Aeris showcased some of the new security capabilities it will offer to protect IoT programs from cyber security threats and other vulnera…

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Data Readiness: As IoT Bears its Fruits, Should New Legislation Prevent its Spoil?

By: Alex Passett    3/6/2023

Data collection practices are common discussion points in 2023. But what steps are actually being taken to tackle it, especially in IoT?

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Cox Automotive Acquires FleetNet America to Reshape Fleet Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/3/2023

To expand its fleet management capabilities, Cox Automotive recently announced that it has acquired fleet industry leader FleetNet America.

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A Look at IoT Today with the Help of Microsoft

By: Bill Yates    3/2/2023

Eumar Dias de Assis, Managing Technical Director for IoT Solutions at Microsoft, laid out how the company sees things in IoT at this year's IoT Evolut…

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At the Push of a Button: LTE-M IoT Buttons, Available Now from Soracom and UnaBiz

By: Alex Passett    3/1/2023

Soracom and UnaBiz developed an LTE-M IoT button that is usable in dozens of smart applications.

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Seamless, Sentient, Human Interactions Enabled by LiFi as We Race Towards Web3

By: Arti Loftus    2/28/2023

The combination of Ostendo and Veea will create a new paradigm for hyper-converged wireless solutions and a revolutionary solution for enabling Web3 c…

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The Launch of PLUS+, TEAL's GSMA-certified eSIM Platform

By: Alex Passett    2/28/2023

Global network connectivity platform TEAL launched TEAL PLUS+, which provides a single, simplified and secure way for MNOs to manage and deploy eSIMs …

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Expanding the Frontier of Edge Computing with Private 5G

By: Matthew Vulpis    2/27/2023

Newer 5G features for enhanced machine type communications will allow edge infrastructure to support more IoT connections than you'll probably ever ne…

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As Adoption of Open Source RTOS Accelerates, the Linux Foundation Zephyr Project Continues to Grow

By: Arti Loftus    2/27/2023

In addition to Zephyr being used in a variety of industrial applications, it's also applied in other emerging markets like wearables, trackers, intell…

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Seamless LTE-M and LoRa via Partnership between Monogoto and RAKwireless

By: Alex Passett    2/24/2023

Solutions providers Monogoto and RAKwireless have partnered to offer an integrated connectivity solution.

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As IoT in Public Transportation Grows, ClearBlade Wins $3.9 Million Contract in Chicagoland

By: Arti Loftus    2/24/2023

ClearBlade's IoT platform encompasses all of Metra's requirements by optimizing the use of all assets and allowing for real-time visibility into opera…

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The Medical Internet of Things: Its Foundations, Gaps, and What's Next

By: Alex Passett    2/23/2023

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (held in n Fort Lauderdale, FL), industry expert and doctoral researcher Joel Maloff led a session centered on …

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Proof of Value: A Peek at Microsoft's Vision for IoT

By: Alex Passett    2/23/2023

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (held in Fort Lauderdale, FL), a keynote presentation was led by Chase Hawkins, Microsoft's Head of Strategic E…

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Exploring the Intersections Created by Video-Based IoT

By: Alex Passett    2/21/2023

Intelligent video capabilities in IoT have become quite significant. Healthcare, manufacturing, and education systems (to name a few) already capitali…

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The Dragonfly of IoT: LTIMindtree's Path to Sustainability

By: Alex Passett    2/21/2023

At IoT Evolution Expo 2023, LTIMindtree's Chief Business Officer Sriram Kumaresan delivered a keynote regarding the company and its sustainability adv…

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The Greening of IoT: Sustainable Tactics We Need

By: Alex Passett    2/16/2023

IoT technologies consume energy and waste; thus, needs for sustainable IoT rise in order to reduce environmental impacts and promote economic strides.

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T-Mobile and the Future of IoT with 5G

By: Alex Passett    2/15/2023

Today at IoT Evolution Expo 2023, held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, T-Mobile's Annette Williams took the stage to d…

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A Different Type of Network: The Benefits of Cellular Coverage in IoT

By: Alex Passett    2/14/2023

At IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the COO of Nextivity led a session discussing the importance of cellular coverage and why it's a co…

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Survey Says: Assessing Definitions and Perceptions of IoT

By: Alex Passett    2/14/2023

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, IoT technologists discussed its definitions and others' perceptions.

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